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About Us

‘Yourdogcares.com’ is a service website for dog lovers out there. This website intends to help you to learn a lot of unknown things about dogs and to make the best decisions for their food and care based on authentic information about them.

Who Am I?

I am Jamirul Islam Jhumon- welcoming you to ‘Yourdogcares.com.’ I am a dog lover, and thus I ended up here with my profound love for dogs.

Professionally I am a businessman. I run a business in IT &Software Development sector. And now, the love for my dogs inspired me to become a blogger. I have been fond of dogs since my childhood, and that made me do the researches and learn about dogs a lot. Now at my 36, I felt that I should share my experiences and knowledge about dogs.

Why Do I Do It?

‘Yourdogcares’ is a privately owned service website. I have established it with my team out of my love for dogs. Besides sharing necessary information about dogs, I also review a bunch of best dog care products to help you pick the best product for your dogs.

There are so many dog lovers all around the world who are concerned about their dogs’ health and safety. ‘Yourdogcares’ is the ultimate solution for you as you would get almost everything you want to know about dogs whether it is about their food, bed, grooming products, and more.

Where We Get The Information From?

Our team conducts in-depth research through reading many articles and studying the previous peered research papers or readily available public sources. We also go through several scientific research results to process the information when needed.

Most commonly we use books, journals, published news or articles, published researches from reputed institutions for dog’s health. And nonetheless, government-regulated pet food labels are always in our concern too.

How You Can Contribute.

If you are a dog owner and have had enough experience with dogs, then you must have faced many problems or challenges regarding your dogs’ health and their food habits. Many of you might have different experiences of dog foods and other dogs care products. All you can do is share your personal experiences with us. Please write to us in the comment sections or send us emails about your unusual or different experiences of different products. You can share your dog’s nature as well, or you can also ask questions if you are searching for answers.

We are always here to learn more about dog’s and keen to know your experience and review on particular dog care products which might help us to share your information with our audiences.

We share our personal experiences of dog products as well as other customer reviews. You can contribute to our reviews and let us know the good and bad sides of a dog product you have faced.