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Are our Dog Clothes Bad? Busting The Myths.

Are our Dog Clothes Bad
Are our Dog Clothes Bad. Image Source Pixabay

As a pet owner, it’s hard to find who never wanted to dress their pet buddies. While some people exaggerate it too much, some other claims that dressing up dogs is cruel.

In between the argument about whether dog clothes are bad for dogs or not, most people miss out on the facts over the myths about dog clothing.

3 Common Myths and Facts about Dogs Wearing Clothes.

1. Myth: Dressing up your dogs is cruel.

Fact: Apparently, dogs have a natural ability to regulate its own temperature. And they usually don’t need clothes for their survival. But, that doesn’t mean it’s inhumane to dress them until it becomes a reason for their discomfort. In fact, in some cases, you should dress them up.

2.   Myth: Big dogs don’t need coats to protect themselves in cold weather.

Fact: There is a common myth that larger dogs don’t need winter coats. Obviously some breeds don’t need them, usually those with long and dense hair like Siberian husky. But their need for clothes has a little to do with the size. Large and old dogs of some breeds with short hair like the Greyhounds can get benefit from the winter coats.

3.   Myth: All dogs can adapt to the habit of wearing clothes.

Fact: Dogs are surely the most loyal animal of all. And you can tame and train them up as you want. And maybe your dogs will allow you to dress them up as you are the master. But does that mean they will feel comfortable with it? -NO!

So, stop forcing them if they feel uncomfortable with clothes or it impairs their mobility. It doesn’t end here. RSPCA has threatened legal actions against people who forcefully dress their dogs.

When You Should Dress Up Your Dogs.

Study shows that the trend of dressing pets is growing among the pet owners. But don’t let yourself be trapped by this trend. It is okay that you want to keep your loyal pet-friends fashionable. Some dogs even like it but, you must know in what conditions, and for how long can a dog wear a sweater or clothes.

1.   To protect them from the winter cold.

As we discussed just a while ago, many believe that dogs don’t need a coat as they have their natural ones. But depending on your dog’s breed and age it might need a coat in winter.

Short-haired breeds, puppies and older dogs are more likely to feel cold more than an adult, fit and thick-haired dog. However, if your dog is out for 10 minutes or less, they don’t need any coat even in winter. But if they are out for a long time and it gets colder than (-) 45 degrees, they should wear a coat. This is at what temperature a dog usually needs a coat.

2.   To help an anxious dog feel safe.

Some dogs get anxious in unknown places and situations like during a firework, thunderstorm and in an over-crowded place. Snug-fitting vests or clothing often help them with their anxiety. It gives them a sense of security as it’s given by their owners. So next time you take your dogs in places or situations like that, wrap them with an anxiety vest for dogs.

3.   For Occasions (If they are comfortable).

Some dogs naturally love to get dressed up and all that attention. If your dogs are amongst those, then why not dress them on special days like Christmas, Halloween and Easter Sunday? But, make sure the fabric is breathable and allows them to move comfortably.

When You Shouldn’t Dress Up Your Dogs.

It is okay to dress your dogs in fancy clothes sometimes. But uncomfortable and exaggerated use of dog clothes can impede a dog’s natural ability to regulate its own temperature. So you should learn when you are exaggerating.

1.   When it makes them feel uncomfortable.

Some dogs express a strong denial whenever you try to put a vest or dress on them. Some dogs just go freeze whenever you dress them up. It is mostly because the clothing disturbs their mobility. So, when you see your dog’s getting uncomfortable with clothes. Just put it off and don’t force them ever again.

Sometimes it may cause due to uncomfortable and unbreathable fabric. So always check for the materials of your dog clothes before buying.

2.   When they are indoor.

It is totally unnecessary to put clothes on your dog when they are roaming around inside of the house.

3.   While Sleeping.

Can dogs sleep with clothes on? – The simplest answer is NO. It can cause breathing problems.  If it’s extremely cold, then you can put a breathable blanket on them. But no clothes!

4.   Some Specific Breeds of Dogs.

Some breed of dogs have naturally thick and long hair; for example, the Pomeranian, Husky, Chow Chow, and Great Pyrenees. These dogs don’t actually need any additional clothing to keep warm.

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