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Best Dog Foods For Pitbulls To Gain Muscle- The Ultimate Guide.

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Building muscle is tough for people and as well as dogs. What you need is a proper diet that can boost muscle build-up and lots of exercises.

The best dog food for Pitbull to gain muscle should have more proteins, a moderate amount of fats, and fewer carbs.

Such a dog food profile is harder to find in usual dog foods. So, I did the digging and found 4 dog foods that can bring changes in your Pitbull faster.

Most of these are supplements that you can add to the current food, and only one of them is a complete dog food that can boost muscle gain.

Here’s what I got for you!

Best dog food for Pitbulls to gain muscle review.

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1. Muscle Bully Puppy Naturals.

The Muscle Bully Puppy Natural is probably the best dog food for Pitbulls to gain muscle.
Though it’s a supplement powder, adding it to your dog’s regular meal will make him more interested and eat more. The smell and taste it great that will help picky eaters to crave more.

It’s originally designed for puppies up to 1 year old, but you can feed this to your older Pitbulls to gain muscle and become stronger.

What I loved about this dog supplement is the fact that it has 32% protein and 40% fat. The fat might be on the higher side, but it’s perfect for growing puppies and high-energy dogs.

There are more than 340 branches of amino acids in this supplement, which is why it’s so effective.

It works like magic for underweight dogs, and you can certainly see a difference in your dog’s weight and activity after just a few weeks of feeding.

32% of protein content to support muscle growth.Not all dogs will like the taste (this issue is common for all dog foods.
Have more than 20 nutrients and minerals for supporting the immune system.
Tastes and smells appealing to dogs.
It comes in powder form so mixing with food is easy.
Safe for nursing mothers.

Final verdict.

This dog muscle supplement is sufficient enough to meet your dog’s daily needs for muscle building and growth. It might get quite expensive, so you can discontinue when your dog has gained substantial weight and muscles.

2. Bully Max Ultimate Canine Supplement.

Bully Max is one of the Best affordable dog food for Pitbulls.

I loved the fact that this dog supplement has no additives and unnatural components like corn syrup, sucrose, or Trans fats.
Many dog supplements for muscle building can cause vomiting or diarrhea, but in this case, you will hardly find such issues.

The flavor and aroma of the food are attractive to Pitbulls and will keep your picky eater interested.

This dog food will help your dog to recover faster after workouts and also improve his metabolism. This can result in greater muscle gain and a healthy outlook. It has all the essential nutrients and minerals to support growth and coat health.

It comes in a tablet form packed in a plastic container. So, you can easily travel with it.

All-natural ingredients to boost muscle.Some pets do not like tablets.
Less occurrence of vomiting or diarrhea.
It comes in tablet form, which is easy to carry.
Suitable for older Pitbull dogs.

Final verdict.

If you are struggling to find muscle-gaining dog food for your grown-up Pitbull, you can add this supplement to your dog’s current diet. Most dogs love the aroma of this food, and hopefully, your dog will love it too.

3. Bully Max Premium Dog Food.

If you ask me or any Pitbull dog owners, what is the dog food for building muscle? Most will say that the Bully Max premium dog food is the best.

If you don’t want to go on the path of supplements, this dog food is alone enough to provide high-quality proteins to gain muscles. With each cup, your dog will gain 535 calories, which is higher than most dog foods out there.

This dog food is totally natural and has real meat as its primary ingredient.

It will provide 30% protein and 20% fat, which is near perfect for growth and muscle building. On top of that, it has 3.8% fiber to aid in digestion. In the form of menhaden oil, this food offers the best quality Omega-3 fatty acids.

If you are a grain-free diet supporter, you will be happy to know this dog food has no grains in it. It’s also free from soy, wheat, and artificial flavors. That’s the reason most dogs don’t experience digestive problems from eating this food.

Above-average calorie content.Expensive.
30% of protein content suitable for muscle building.
Lacks artificial flavorings and soy products.
Healthy source of fats.

Final verdict.

The only issue with this dog food is that it costs more than usual dog foods. But if you are reading this post, you are likely to spend a little more on your dog. Nothing can beat the muscle-building capacity of this food.

4. Gorilla Max Protein Muscle Supplement.

The Gorilla Max is packed with proteins. It’s the ultimate dog supplement for muscle building. It has a protein content of 70%. Having said that, it’s perfect for older Pitbulls but don’t feed this to puppies. Because puppies need stronger bones rather than stronger muscles.

It comes in powder form, and you can easily mix it with wet dog foods. For kibbles, you can sprinkle over it or mix with a little water and add to the current food.

This dog supplement is free from gluten and steroids. It is approved by the FDA and AAFCO, so it’s perfectly safe to feed your Pitbull.

High protein content.It has a strong smell. Some dogs might love it; others might avoid it.
Perfect for older Pitbulls to gain muscle.
Easy to digest.
Support the immune system.

Final verdict.

You cannot get more protein from dog food if you don’t have Gorilla Max. You can just add this to your dog’s current diet and see fast changes in a few weeks.

5. Crave Grain Free Adult Dog Food.

Crave Grain Free is a highly recommended food for Pitbulls or any dogs to gain muscles. The food has got a taste that appeals to dogs and has no real fillers to decrease the value of the nutrients.

Most dogs eating this food gained weight, improved their coat condition, and became more energetic than ever! If other foods are failing to build muscles in your pitbull, you got to try this out!

Overall, Crave has 38% protein, 19% fat, and 35% carbs. The high protein level is what makes this food appealing. Chicken, chicken meal, lamb meal, and pork meal are the primary animal proteins that contribute to the ratio.

Although there are a moderate amount of plant-based proteins, all of them are of high quality like alfalfa meal, pea protein, and peas.

The best part is this kibble has selenium yeast that can prevent cancer in dogs. Even the fat used here is great for supplying omega-6 fatty acids.

Above-average protein helps build muscles. The only filler we found is beet pulp.
Lower carb ratio.
Animal proteins dominate over plant proteins.
Chelated minerals included.
Has a nice smell.

Final verdict

If you wanted a Pitbull dog food that doesn’t smell awful, brings in more energy, and maintains your dog’s weight, Crave is the one to buy. With as many as 4 meat sources, you can expect a considerable change in your dog’s overall growth.

6. Purina Pro Plan Sport.

The Purina Pro Plan Sports product line is one of the most popular dog foods out there. It’s especially suitable for Pitbulls to gain muscles and keep high energy during workouts and exercises.

The 30/20 blend is what we recommend for energetic Pitbulls and additionally, it can improve coat condition and flaky skin.

The food will provide 33% protein, 21% fat, and 38% carbs. This is an adequate ratio for muscle-building dogs. The higher fat content is also beneficial in this case.

Chicken, poultry by-products, fish meal, dried egg product, and animal digest greatly contribute to the overall protein content of this food. We love the inclusion of eggs as it is a healthy protein source.

Keep in mind, Purina Pro Plan Sport has both grain-free and grain-based versions. You can also find corn-free versions.

The addition of fish oils and dried fermented products adds more value. Your dog will find this food easy to digest and eat consistently.

High calories and high protein content. By-product meal is the low-quality protein source.
Aids digestion and keeps stool normal.
Has omega-3 fatty acids.
Lots of concentrated proteins.
Available in different formulas for all sorts of dog diets.

Final verdict

If you want to bulk up your pitbull and make him do extra workout rounds, this dog food is a great choice. The product we reviewed has corn in it, so depending on your dog, you can choose another product from the line that has no corn. Overall, Purina Pro Plan is affordable muscle-building dog food.

Muscle building dog food buying guide.

Proper exercise and workout is a must to make PItbulls gain muscle. But if the diet is wrong, it will only make your dog thinner and weaker. If you closely follow these 5 factors, your dog’s muscle-building journey will become smooth.

1. Maintain a high protein amount.

Pitbulls are energetic dogs, and for muscle building, they will need more energy than usual. For this, you need to increase the number of proteins in your daily diet.

Proteins help in muscle repair, maintenance of red blood cells, and support the immune system in dogs.

Usually, the proportion of proteins in the Pitbull diet is 30%, which is enough to sustain the metabolism of high energetic dogs.

But for muscle building, you need to increase the proportion to 40-50%. This will make your dog’s muscles stronger and make it grow faster.

An increased amount of protein means you will have to spend a little more. The Best dog food for Pitbulls with skin allergies should have a higher protein content than other dog foods.

2. Include healthy fats.

You don’t want to lower the fats in a dog’s food. Without fats, your dog will become mentally weak, and its coat quality will become lower.

Fats are also one of the primary sources of energy for dogs.

If you can provide 30% fat in your dog’s daily diet, it will help him to remain energetic and do a little more exercise. This helps in muscle building later.

You cannot feed them all kinds of fat. Look for healthy fats like Omega-3 and Omega 6 fatty acid-enriched foods. Some of the healthy sources of these fats are poultry fat, fish oils, flaxseed oil, and vegetable oils.

3. Keep carbs low.

Most dog foods have lots of carbs, and this keeps the price lower. However, for building muscle, you need to keep the carbs at a lower level.

But don’t eliminate carbs altogether. Many dog owners have moved to grain-free diets, which might lead to many other health issues.

It’s better to keep the carb content to 20-25% of the overall diet.

If you include carbs, make sure to provide healthy carbs like sweet potatoes, quinoa, fruits, and other vegetables.

A top-quality dog food brand will have higher protein content and lower carb content. You just need to spend a little more.

4. Key nutrients needed for a healthy muscular system.


We all know how important it is to include calcium in a dog’s diet for developing strong bones. But this is not the only reason. Calcium also supports proper muscle contraction, and its deficiency can make your dog weak.

Calcium enriched food: Green leafy vegetables, nuts, and salmon.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is very crucial in muscle building. It helps to repair tissue and assist in the proper functioning of the body muscle.

If your dog’s diet is missing Vitamin E, his tendons can become weak and can lead to tearing. Cardiac disease is also an aftereffect of low levels of Vitamin E.

Vitamin E enriched food: Nuts, broccoli, and spinach.

Vitamin B-1

Vitamin B-1 or thiamine helps in energy metabolism and supports the neurological system in a Pitbull dog.

Foods that have more carbohydrates can often lack in Vitamin B-1. This can lead to a muscular weakness that you don’t want, especially when you want to bulk up your dog.

Vitamin B-1 enriched food: Organ meat like liver and fish.

Vitamin B-6

Vitamin B-6 is crucial for the proper functioning of the involuntary muscles. The deficiency of this nutrient can be life-threatening and will make the immune system slow.

A dog diet low in Vitamin B-6 can lead to muscle twitching and anemia.

Vitamin B-6 enriched food: Poultry, fish, and sweet potato.

Vitamin B-8

Lack of Vitamin B-8 can cause muscular pain as the body cannot utilize glycogen to supply energy to the muscles.

The last thing you want is your dog affected by diabetes, which can also happen when you are unable to provide this essential nutrient.

Vitamin B-8 enriched food: Beef, leafy vegetables, and liver.


Dogs need choline for the proper functioning of the muscular system and breaking down fat. It enables the brain to connect with the muscles, which results in contraction.

The worst-case scenario is memory loss and liver disease.

Choline enriched food: Spinach and nuts.

5. Include supplements for overcoming the deficiency in food.

Let’s talk about supplements now!

There is a high chance that your current dog food might not be enough to meet the protein and mineral requirements of your dog.

In that case, you can buy dog muscle supplements that will keep your dog in good shape.

We listed two of the best dog supplements in this review. Feeding one of the two can take the protein content of your dog diet close to 50%.

Signs of a lean and thin dog.

Sometimes, you really can’t tell whether your dog is lean and thin. So, you could follow the below signs and take a good guess on his condition:

  • The bones around the ribs, hips, and shoulders are visible. In the case of healthy and muscular Pitbulls, these areas should not be visible.
  • Your dog doesn’t play as much as it should. His energy level is very low most of the time.
  • The coat condition is not very good. A healthy dog should have lots of shine on his coat.
  • Your dog is depressed. You can understand that from the way he behaves and responds to commands.
  • Your dog doesn’t eat the recommended amount of food.

Though these signs are not conclusive on their own to rule out that your dog is lean and thin. But they are a good indicator that you need to buy some muscle-building and energetic foods for him.

Pitbull dog muscle building tips.

Tip #1- Maintain feeding of a nutritious diet.

If you choose to feed your pitbull with one of the dog food on this list, you are already on the right track.

A good muscle-building diet should have lots of proteins and quality ingredients.

Additionally, we can buy one of the supplements from our list and add it to your dog’s current diet.

Tip #2- Start exercise your dog slowly

Food is not enough to build muscles. If your dog isn’t straining his muscles, there’s no chance of growing.

So, you need to start off with resistance training. The process should be slow.

Use lighter weights at the beginning. And as your dog gets used to the weight and building more muscles, gradually increase the weight.

You can’t expect him to become Schwarzenegger in a day!

Tip #3- Understand the breed limitation.

Yes, for Pitbulls, muscle building is possible. These dog breeds tolerate additional mass and grow pretty big when fed with nutritious food.

But if you have breeds like greyhounds or Afghans, you can’t expect them to bulk up easily.

Tip #4- Warm-up and cool down properly.

Has anyone ever told you to warm up before the race or gym?

The basics are the same for your dogs. You need to warm him up before every exercise. A strained muscle will keep him away from exercise longer.

It’s tough to warm up a dog or make him stretch. So, the best way to do it is to gin him a good massage before the exercise.

To cool down, you can take him on a slow walk on the streets.

Exercises to Make Your Pitbull Muscular

As dogs don’t have fingers and hands like us, their exercise is also unique. Here’s some of them that you can try:

1. Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy simply refers to exercises in water. While humans have been doing some forms of hydrotherapy like swimming and water aerobics, recently dogs have also joined the line.

It’s a great way to condition muscles and increases your dog’s endurance. The best part is there will be fewer strains on the joints. Apart from muscle building, it’s also helpful to heal the pain.

If you have a swimming pool at home, take your pitbull out and let him swim. Make a routine and a fixed session based on the food intake and weight of your dog.

Underwater treadmills are relatively new but can have a massive impact on your pitbull’s muscles. Even if you can’t afford one, you can let the pet walk along the side of the beach so that his foot remains immersed in water.

Here’s how an underwater treadmill works:

2. Weight pulling

When it comes to building lean and healthy muscles, nothing can beat weight pulling. Swimming and running can help quite a bit but are not fully effective for big muscle building.

Based on your dog’s strength and current body form, you can slowly add more weight and the muscles will grow bigger over time.

All you need is a weight pulling vest. Just tether the other end to a strong pole or your car. When your dog starts pulling, encourage him by talking and he will gradually become better at pulling heavier weights.

It’s also a great way to bond with your Pitbull. The constant interaction and encouragement during the workout will create a long lasting attachment.

3. Tug-of-war

Tug of war is one of the most common dog games. Most people use it to strengthen their bonding with their dogs. But it can be a great alternative training for muscle building.

When done right, it will build muscles around the chest, shoulders, forearm and core. Basically, it works the muscles of the upper part of the body.

Make sure you don’t lift your PItbull up when he bites the toy. Otherwise, it can hurt the back and jaws. Keep a winning ratio of 50-50 of 80-20 (80 for the dog). A higher winning percentage will encourage the dog to play more. And.. it will build a stronger owner-dog relationship.

4. Fetching

Most dogs have a natural tendency to fetch things that you throw around. But the game isn’t complete if your dog doesn’t retrieve the toy back to you.

Make your Pitbull learn fetching. If it’s too tough, put some treats inside a sock and use it as a toy for fetching. Give him some treat when he retrieves it and he will soon understand that doing so pleases you.

You can transform this simple game into a muscle building exercise. The only thing you need to consider is choosing a landscape where the dog has to run uphill and then come downhill to bring the bait back.

It’s a great way to build muscles while having fun!!

5. Bicycle rides

Do you love cycling? Then double it up with your Pitbull running along the side. It’s one of the easiest ways to build leg and shoulder muscles.

But first, your dog needs to get used to the sport. A specialty bicycle dog leash will come handy and start by riding slowly at walking pace.

When you feel that the dog is okay with the proceedings, move forward. Select a terrain where the surface isn’t too tough and the weather is cooler.

You can also bring a trailer with you. In the event where your Pitbull gets too tired to reach home, carry him inside the trailer. 2-3 miles on a given day should be the maximum limit. 

6. Obstacle jumping

To stimulate muscle building in the back legs, jumping is the best option. However, it can be challenging at the beginning. In that case, you will need to use treats as baits. Hold some treats in your hand and away from your dog and let him jump to get it. After some practice, he should be able to get it right.

You can also take your Pitbull to a park and encourage him to jump over benches, rocks and other obstacles. When he gets used to jumping, you can put some tires or low hurdles in your backyard and make this into a proper training exercise.

7. Spring poles

Want a better and hands-off alternative to tug of war? Try the spring pole!

A spring pole has a pretty simple working mechanism. You get a spring and tie it to a pole. And then tie a role to the spring. At the end of the rope, you can attach a toy or leave it that way.

Most dogs love it and become addicted to it. As the dog pulls the role, the spring retracts and pulls away, encouraging the dog to pull more. It’s a great way to build upper muscles and very little input from your side is necessary.

Check out the clip below for a live demonstration:

Pitbull muscle-building dog food FAQ

Which Pitbull dog food is good for muscles and digestion?

Purina Pro Plan Sport is packed with proteins and also fermented products. You can feed this if your Pitbull has issues with digestion and still needs to grow big.

Should I use supplements with my current dog food for muscle gain?

Adding supplements is a great way to increase the protein and fat content of your dog’s current food. Sometimes even with high-protein based foods, your dog’s requirement might not be filled. Use it only if you see no improvements from regular food.

Are by-products in dog food bad?

By-products are not bad. They are packed with proteins. However, the issue is you don’t know for certain what sort of animal or what parts have been included in it. A named by-product ingredient is more preferable.

My Pitbull is eating high levels of protein but he is not growing. What to do?

Proteins alone won’t make your dog muscular. You need to fix a proper workout routine for him and also make sure he is digesting properly. The dog food must also provide enough calories to keep him going.

Fish oils vs. plant oils, which is better?

If you have the option to choose dog food based on oils, always go for fish oils. These are very rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Grain or grain-free dog food for muscle building?

Grain or without grain, both of these don’t affect muscle building. They are related to the grain tolerance of your dog. But in normal circumstances, you don’t want fillers, especially when bulking up a dog.

My Pitbull is losing muscles? Is the food or any underlying illness?

Dogs can lose muscles for a number of reasons. Make sure you are feeding the dog with a balanced diet that has real protein and less filler. If your current dog food isn’t meeting the protein requirement, this can cause muscle loss. In some cases, dogs can develop muscle atrophy which can happen due to injury or an autoimmune disease. In that case, consult a vet ASAP!!

Are eggs a good muscle-building dog food?

Eggs are healthy and safe for dogs to consume. Depending on the amount of dog food you are feeding, you should calculate how many eggs are suitable for your dog.

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