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5 Best Laser Pointer for Dogs (Review) in 2019.

Best Laser Pointer for dogs. Image Source Pixabay.

Laser pointers can be used as a way to entertain your dogs without you having to run around. This is a sort of passive toy that can help you out when you don’t have the time or energy to play with your dog.

We would never recommend buying a laser pointer as a sole source of enjoyment. But it’s nice to have one at home for lazy days.

But don’t overuse these devices as it can lead your dog to confusion!

We got some of the best laser pointers for dogs that you can find in the market!

Let’s get started!

Best laser pointer for dogs review.

1. Laifoo Laser Pointer.  (Ads Links)

The quality and performance of the Laifoo Laser pointer are pretty much similar to the FZR Legend. But there are a few issues.

The construction of this model is very strong as it is made from aluminum alloy. And the feel around the hand is also very good.

It is powered by 400mAh rechargeable batteries with just 1 hour recharging time.

We loved that the pointer has a sturdy clip on it. This makes it very professional, and you can use it in lectures and seminars too.

Apparently, there is no on/off switch in this model. You have to keep pressing when using it. That’s not what we want in dog laser pointers. For lectures, that’s okay.


  • Pocket clip attached for carrying like a pro.
  • Rechargeable battery feature.
  • Durable aluminum alloy construction.
  • Bright enough to be used in light.


  • Mini USB charging port.
  • Have to keep pressing.

Final verdict

If you are okay with the few issues of this device, we think it’s a pretty good laser light to buy. We can’t guarantee the lifespan of this device, but it can withstand impact to some extent.

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2. FZR Legend Rechargeable Dog Laser Pointer. (Ads Links)

 The FZR Legend is hands down the best laser pointer for dogs!

The device is quite sturdy and is built from aluminum alloy. So, it can withstand impact if it falls from your hand. And it’s also lightweight for carrying it comfortably!

We loved the fact that this laser pointer has all the best qualities which a laser pointer should have. It has an on/off switch. So, no pressing needed.

It’s completely rechargeable! And a single charging session of 1.5 hours can last a week.

The pointer also has a UV and flashlight functionality! The UV light can come handy to check dog stains.

As an added bonus you get a mouse toy set! You can throw them off and get your dog to bring them back! Alternatively, just pass them on to your coochie smoochie cats!


  • USB recharging.
  • On/off switch eliminates pressing.
  • Mouse toy set for more fun.
  • Sturdy construction.


  • It doesn’t stop charging when the battery is full. So, unplug when it’s done.

Final verdict

To buy the FZ Legend laser pointer, you will need to pay more than the others we reviewed on this list! However, the quality you are getting is worth the money.

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3. MJJYPET Interactive Dog laser. (Ads Links)

MJJYPET laser pointer is cheap and effective. It can cover almost 100 feet. So, that’s a bonus!

It has a basic flashlight and On/Off button to keep you relaxed.

You need to use AA batteries to operate it. We are happy that the manufacturer at least didn’t put in button cells. Those are horrible to put in and hard to find in nearby local stores.


  • Useful projection range.
  • The small size makes it very portable.


  • No recharging capability.

Final verdict

If you have the budget, we would recommend getting a better laser pointer. However, for a low budget, this isn’t a bad purchase at all.

4. Lavibest 2 in 1 Chaser Toy.  (Ads Links)

The Lavibest is one of the cheapest laser pointers that you can buy. And as with cheap products, you also have to encounter certain disadvantages.

It’s a pretty basic laser pointer with the red light and flashlight! The flashlight is quite good and might come handy in certain situations.

At this price, we didn’t expect this device to have an on/off switch. So, this is one of the best parts of buying this.

Sadly, you will need AA batteries to operate this laser pointer. And it will last probably 30 minutes at max. A rechargeable battery would have made this a better product. But you can’t expect more considering the price.


  • Bright flashlight.
  • On/off switch makes it easy to use.


  • No recharging option.

Final verdict

If you are among those who don’t want to spend money on a dog laser pointer, this is the one to buy!

When should you use a laser pointer for dogs?

Yes! The question is not why! It’s when should you use a laser pointer!

You need to keep in mind that a laser pointer might not be as effective for a dog as it can be for a cat!

So, if you have seen cute cat videos where cats run after a red dot and want the same for your dog, you might be making the wrong decision.

Dogs need closure. When they chase after the laser light, they are simply running after nothing. And they can never achieve their goal.

So, this can create confusion and certain behavioral issues.

You should use a laser pointer when certain circumstances keep you stuck inside the home! It can be raining outside, or a storm coming! Or you are too much tired to play with your dog!

Only on these few occasions, you should use a laser pointer to get your dog moving!

What to consider before buying a dog laser pointer?

1. Is it rechargeable?

You don’t want a laser light that requires you to change batteries after every few usages. So, a rechargeable battery with a USB charging option is the best way to go.

And considering the fact that you won’t be using a laser pointer that often for your dog, you don’t want to run out of batteries at the wrong time.

2. On/Off Switch.

Earlier laser pointers used to have a button that required users to keep pressing. No problem with that if you want to use it for lectures and seminars.

However, if you want to use it for your dogs, it should have an on/off switch. As the purpose of the laser pointer is to keep your dog entertained without you having to move, you don’t want to keep pressing again and again!

3. Automatic or manual?

We didn’t include the automatic laser pointers because you never know when it can come in your dog’s line of sight. So, the manual laser pointer is the best option for a dog owner.

4. Price.

Some laser pointers are damn cheap. And you can get two at the price of one. However, this is not a toy you would want to buy again and again! Get the best one for a few bucks more, and it will last for a long time.

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To buy or not to buy a laser pointer for your dog?

A laser pointer can be a handy addition to your dog’s toy! But if it should never ever be the only toy, your dog has fun with it!

So, whether you should buy a laser pointer or not, depends on the frequency of use.

If you are buying it to use every other day, we recommend not to buy it! But if it’s for occasional entertainment, then you can go ahead!

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