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The Hidden Agenda Of Can Dogs Sleep In The Bed.

Can Dogs Sleep In The Bed
Can Dogs Sleep In The Bed. Image source pixabay.

No, if your dog is sleeping in YOUR bed. From my personal experience and the research I did for this article, I can say your pet dog is good in his own bed.

It’s truly more than 50 percent of dog owners in the U.S sleep with their dogs. But there’s another truth that you might not know- 100 among the 250 diseases passed from animals to humans have come from domestic animals.

We cannot argue that having a pet can essentially keep your blood pressure, cholesterol and feeling of loneliness low to a certain extent. But that has nothing to do with sharing the bed with them.

So, what you can do? Buy your dog a comfy bed that he can claim his own.

Let’s dive deeper into this!

Why people sleep with their pets?

Most dog owners start sleeping with their furry buddies out of habit. This happens when they feel lonely, or just the weather is very cold.

Keeping a dog in your bed can reduce the loneliness and provide a sense of companionship. This can be very addictive and good for mental health.

But once you start living in such a way, it’s pretty hard to break the cycle. As dogs have long hair, it feels warm to sleep with them and knowing how unconditionally they love you, it becomes even harder to live without them.

But let’s face it there is a number of other potential harm that you can get sharing your bed with your dog. It’s up to you to choose head or tails.

Why dogs can’t sleep in your bed?

Bubonic plague can cause disaster.

Bubonic plague might be rare but when it happens may cause death. Dogs carry fleas and bubonic plague transfer from fleas to the dogs and then to humans.

When dogs are allowed to sleep in the same bed with you, these pesky fleas can easily come in contact with you. Plague infection in the U.S has been found to be transferred through dogs in many instances.

So, for loyal dog owners keep your pets free from flea and make frequent appointments with your vets.

Parasite attacks.

Did you know your dog can carry parasites like hookworm and roundworm that can affect you as well?

You get them checked every month or so, but it’s equally important to get yourself check also.

When parasites like roundworms lay eggs on your dog’s fur that can easily transfer to you when you snuggle him.

If your dog pisses on the floor and is infected by parasites, you can end up stepping on that and get infected as a result. That’s the reason it’s too risky to keep him in your bed.

The great risk for meningitis.

You don’t want to get infected with meningitis. Though it’s still a rare case, I will never take a chance. Let me remind you I love my pet dog and he is a big part of my life.

One 60-year-old woman in the U.K got diagnosed with meningitis in 1985. The reason was apparently kissing her dog on a regular basis.

Dogs lick their owners, and when you sleep with them, they lick even more. That can potentially transfer meningitis to you or your children.

Not good for allergic owners.

While not all types of allergies are borne by dogs but certainly asthma and hay fever are just a few to mention.

Dogs are outgoing and animals and are exposed to allergens in the form of dust most of the time.

If you are not allergic, then it’s quite safe to have pets in your bed. But dog owners having asthma should remain a particular distance from dogs. It would be dangerous to keep them even in your room, keeping in bed would be the last thing you want to do.

Dangerous when kids or your spouse sleep with you.

You don’t want to make your bedroom a place of a nightmare for you and your family.

Yes, you and I both know people who live with their kids and the dogs together in a bed. But let me tell you those owners know how to handle their dogs and probably have years of experience in training dogs.

In a report of CDC, 11 out of 109 dog bite victims were sleeping infants found in 1989-1994 dog attacks.

Dogs are very protective, and certain acts of children can provoke aggression among dogs. What’s more? When you want to cuddle with your spouse that can also signal aggression in your pet. He’s just a loyal pet looking to protect you.

Remain safe and make him a separate bed before it’s too late.

Bad for personal hygiene.

If you are extra careful about your personal hygiene, it’s never a good idea to sleep with your dog. They are natural scavengers and also have a tendency to eat their own poop.

If you have managed to train him on that, there still might be a possibility of bits of poop sticking to his paws or fur. The last thing you want is your toddlers eating those thinking as chocolates. EWW! That’s sick!

Yes, there are some benefits.

Yes, there are certain benefits to keeping your dog in your bed. If you are alone and need a cuddle you can get it anytime you want. Their body warmth boosts sleeping, making you feel more comfortable and cozy.

Keeping pet dogs always brings in loads of fun, mental stability, and soul in your life. But who said you need to keep them in your own bed.

They too need an individual space to feel valued.

You don’t care, so what should you do?

You love your dog more than anything, and you don’t care about the rare diseases that might happen. That’s all okay. I don’t want to debate on this topic.

You just need to make sure you are regularly visiting the vet and ensure the pet has good health. You need to keep a close eye on your health too.

If you have toddlers and you know your dogs can become aggressive in certain situations, then keep them separate altogether.

There are lots of super cozy dog beds available that you can buy for your cute dog. I’m sure once you train him to live on it, he will just love it for the rest of his life.

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