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155 Most Popular Female Dog Names.

This is an updated list of handpicked female dog names that are unique and trending.

Female dog names are quite a lot different than male dog names. Most owners often go for human girl names that resemble their pet’s personality.

I stole and combined some of the best female dog names that owners love in this small list.

Your little girl dog might even hate some names. You can’t call her ‘Tanker’ or even ‘Thor,’ names which we have covered in our most popular male dog names.

Names that sound beautiful and creates a sweet feeling are often the best ones to use for female dogs.

Tips for choosing the perfect female dog name.

Keep it short and lively.

A short name that sounds lively is often the way to choose a female pet’s name. A dull, boring name can even make you feel boring. The sound of the name should make you smile, after all, she’s your pet.

Observer her personality.

The dog’s personality is essential in deciding the name that will remain forever. If she’s beautiful, choose a name that sounds beautiful and If she is unique, choose a unique name for her. Once you spend enough time with her, the process gets easier.

Dirty names are a big no-no.

You can still get away keeping a dirty name for your male dog or puppy. But girl dogs should have a sweet name. You don’t want your neighbors to laugh at that poor girl.

Celebrities or TV show characters can help.

You can name your dog after the most beautiful celebrities like Madonna or Katy Perry. People hearing will love it, and you can imagine her to be beautiful like them too.

Human female dog names.

Most pet owners often have a human name for their pets. I really love this thing. It adds a whole new personality to them. Here are few to choose:

  • Amber – It’s the material used for making jewelry. That’s why it’s so feminine.
  • Lola – Mostly used by Germans and Spanish. Adds a sad but feminine attribute to your pet.
  • Jenny-That is the other way of saying ‘God has been gracious.’ Use it if you feel lucky to have your little pet.
  • Molly – Molly who loved Sherlock Holmes from the “Sherlock’ series.
  • Sophie – Is your dog intelligent? Sophie should fit perfectly.
  • Delilah – The literal meaning of this name is ‘delight.’ If your pup delights you, this is the name you want.
  • Juno – Represents youth in Roman mythology.

You may like dog food for flatulence.

Sweet girl dog names.

You might be an owner who loves to call everyone only by sweet words. For you we 4 sweet names that will make you fall in love.

These are just some of the best I could find but will help you learn the pattern and come up with more.

  • Kit kat – Reminds me of chocolates.
  • Fluffy – For the fluffiest pet you have.
  • Precious – Let her know how much she means to you.
  • Cupcake – Aww! That’s sweet!
  • Tinkerbell – Remember the movie ‘Tinker Bell ?’
  • Chichi – This is for the most stylish girl dog you have got.
  • Faith – Adds a lot of weight and value to your dog.
  • Mona Lisa – Bit long, yet as always so sweet.
  • Pookie – Awww. Sweet little baby dog, I have got a name for you.
  • Minnie – Minnie from the mickey mouse. I would give this name to dogs who love hugs.
  • Misty – In South East Asia, it literally means sweet.
  • Suki – very common in Japanese speech means ‘to love’.
  • Twinkie – Inkie Pinkie Twinkie Pinkie. Here are 4 names for your female dogs.

Female dog names on celebrities.

Female celebrities have really rocked the stage in the last decade, or so, You might even follow one or two celebrities whose personalities attract you. Some are even from comics! Why not name after them?

  • Lassie – From the movie ‘Lassie.’
  • Katy – Katy Perry is the love of many because she’s so beautiful.
  • Daisy – Blondie comics.
  • Sandy – The Little Orphan Annie comic strip.
  • Natalie – Who doesn’t love Natalie Portman?
  • Sandra – Sandra Bullock got featured in Time’s 100 most influential people in the world back in 2010.
  • Cameron – It’s not just about Cameron Diaz, I think it’s a very gorgeous name for a girl dog.
  • Emilia Clarke – ‘The mother of dragons’ played by Emilia in Game of Thrones is an unforgettable character.
  • Keira Knightley – Keira is pretty short and your dog will respond quicker.
  • Odeya Rush – Odeya or Rush? I think both make excellent names for dogs.
  • Selena Gomez – For cute female pups, I can’t think of any better name than this.

Dog names on strong female personalities.

  • Aretha Franklin – The American singer best known as ‘The Queen of Souls’
  • Malala – She is a prominent female education activist and the name should give your dog an inspiring image.
  • Maya Angelou – Maya was an American poet with great spirit and endurance.
  • Scout Finch – Protagonist of the famous novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”
  • Eva Peron – The first lady of Argentina who rose from sheer poverty! An icon of inspiration.

Animated famous cartoon character names for your female dog.

Now, this is just a good way to get names. All those animated movies you love watching can be a good source to find the perfect name for your pet. Here are just a few to recall:

  • Dory – I just love this name. It creates a sense of cuteness and ‘AWWness.’
  • Dora – Who can forget ‘Dora the Explorer.’
  • Minnie – Mickey Mouse and Minnie mouse, our childhood memories.
  • Foxy – From Chicken little.
  • Gypsy – You must have been ‘A bug’s life.’

Disney dog names for female dogs.

  • Kala – The ape mother of Tarzan. Good name for black dogs.
  • Kiara – Has a hook to it. She is the daughter of Simba in Linking.
  • Nana – Originally Nana is a dog appearing in Peter Pan movies and cartoons.
  • Nala – It’s a unique name that many dog owners have overlooked.
  • Perdita – The lead female dog character in 101 dalmatians.
  • Raksha – has an Indian feel to it. It means protection and that’s what dogs are all about.
  • Elena – To the most beautiful dog you have
  • Rapunzel – I would suggest giving this name to the dog who has the longest fur.

Cute female dog names that will make you ‘AWW.’

  • Angel – For innocent-looking pets who keep on looking at you.
  • Honey – That’s the name for the dog you cannot live without.
  • Allie – Your trusted ally.
  • Cookie – That’s cute isn’t it?
  • Pookie – That’s a complimentary version of ‘cookie.’ If you have two of them name them ‘Cookie’ and ‘Pookie.
  • Kimchi – Yes, a Korean dish can become your pet’s name! After all, it’s too cute.
  • Whoopie – Don’t give a dam to what it means! The name suits adorable and notorious little dogs.
  • Moana – Most memorable disney female character.
  • Noodle – Seriously? Is that even a name? Yes, only if you make it!
  • Dory – Cutest pet name ever!
  • Fifi – For beautiful and sensitive girl dogs.
  • Milky way – Milky way galaxy! Still cute enough to be a dog name.
  • Uli – The shortest name I could find for you! Originated from Germany.
  • Broccoli – Isn’t the name cute? So is the vegetable!.
  • Piupiu – This is my original creation! I will be glad if you liked it!
  • Mango – Seen some dog owners naming their pups Mango. What do you think?
  • Boopie – One of the secret dog names that I didn’t share until now!
  • Poopie – For poodles that poop everywhere.

Unique female dog names that sound right.

  • Scarlett – Reminds me of Scarlett O’Hara from the bestselling novel ‘Gone with the wind.’
  • Raven – The Crows from the Winterfell in Game of Thrones.
  • Xena – A warrior princess. Suitable for tough female dogs.
  • Mona Lisa – Who’s stopping you from using this?
  • Arya – The fearless and witty little girl from the GOT.
  • Ygritte – Yet another GOT character we have in this list. The names are perfect for dogs.
  • Huntress – Have a wild and fierce girl dog? You don’t want to miss out on this name.
  • Lavender – I can literally smell this as I write this post!
  • Coriander – Er names are quite easy to pronounce.
  • Fern – Forget the plant fern, the name fern is very unique for a dog name.
  • Sumac – An essential spice in middle eastern recipes.
  • Chervil – Used in seasoning mild dishes. Really has a feminine touch to the name.
  • Valyria – The fictional city from the Game of Thrones. The name has a depth to it.
  • Kenna – A name of Scottish origin meaning ‘born of fire’.
  • Tatiana – Sounds really intriguing.
  • Wendy – It’s a very common name among humans but not so quite among dogs.
  • Perdita – The Latin meaning is ‘Lost’.
  • Silvermist – One of the prominent fairy characters from the Disney franchise. Sounds pretty classy!
  • Huckleberry – If your dog is your major companion in life, Huckleberry should be the right name to give her.
  • Tune – Why haven’t I thought of this name before?
  • Woofie – I just made this up!

Coolest female dog names.

  • Champagne – Resembles fun and party! That’s what dogs usually do!
  • Dahlia – If she’s as pretty as a flower, Dahlia should suit her nicely.
  • Jade – Derived from the ornamental stone Jade. Adds a bit of feminine touch to your dog.
  • Trixie – To the whitest dog on the planet!
  • Felicity – Inspired from the TV drama of the same name.
  • Storm – As in the X-men series.
  • Chance – Simple and attractive.
  • Snowy – Very common and an evergreen name given to white-coated dogs.
  • Fantasia – Inspired by the movie of the same name from Walt Disney.
  • Pandora – This is for Avatar fans!
  • Breanne – As like Breanne of Tarth in the Game of Thrones.
  • Khaleesi – The queen of the Seven Kingdoms in GOT.

Female girl dog names for small pets.

For small petite dogs, you need a name that can express their personality in the best way possible.

  • Demi – Love Demi Lovato?.
  • Chichi – For the style icon you brought in.
  • Pixie – You have an adorable one to look after? This name should work well.
  • Tinkerbell – From the 2008 Animated movie ‘Tinker Bell.’
  • Penny – Sounds short and cute.
  • Gigi – A true pet name for little dogs.
  • Fonda – From Honda to Fonda.

Strong and bold female dog names.

Only a strong, bold name can justify your alpha pet’s personality.

  • Harley – Like the famous Harley Quinn with a cunning and energetic personality.
  • Cleopatra – The born ruler.
  • Elektra – Inspired by Marvel comics.
  • Daenerys – Daenerys Stormborn from Game of Thrones. If you love her, then keep this name for your dog.
  • Athena – Greek Mythological character.

Classy names for classy female dogs.

  • Lucy – resembles intelligence and class.
  • Princess – For the one who’s tail never comes down.
  • Liz – A Hebrew word that means ‘God’s promise.’
  • Lucky charm – If you think she is your lucky charm.
  • Portia – More like a Porsche female dog.
  • Paris – It’s an all classy name especially for a little female dog.
  • Cleopatra – Maybe She’s more like a ruler and independent kind.
  • Athena – A mythological character.
  • Hope – very simple, common yet truly inspiring name.
  • Madonna – If you believe your dog is an icon.
  • Dottie – I have seen countless dogs with this name but it seems the popularity of this name never dies.
  • Everest – Woah! Very classy indeed!

Beautiful female dog names for elegant pets.

Own a miss world female dog? I made this list just for you:

  • Faith – We all have faith in our little dogs that they will never leave us.
  • Hope – I would love to name my dog ‘hope.’
  • Queenie – A sassy name.
  • Madonna – One of the iconic beauties in history.
  • Grace – Resembles mercy and kindness.

Feminist dog names for German Shepherds.

  • Bertha – From German origin meaning ‘bright one’.
  • Gisela – A pure German name for GSDs.
  • Hildegard – The name means battle. It should be suitable for a GSD guard dog.
  • Martha – Super feminine name.

7 Most popular female dog names.

  1. Pearl – If she is so precious to you.
  2. Daisy – One of the most common names, yet still popular.
  3. Bella – Literally translates to beautiful.
  4. Agnes – Pure and holy. Show some love to your girl dog with this name.
  5. Addie – Someone with gorgeous eyes and a lovely personality.
  6. Alice – From ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ It’s a name that hasn’t lost its charm throughout ages.
  7. Asia – Super short and easy to remember for your dog.

Dog names of famous celebrities.

  • Vida – The name of Vida Moore’s dog.
  • Flossie – Belongs to the American actress Drew Barrymore.
  • Mimi – Torri Spelling has a dog of the same name.
  • Gabbana – A dog from the Kardashians.
  • Isaboo – Isaboo is a Pit Bulldog kept by American TV personality Rachael Ray.

Old fashioned female dog names.

  • Agatha – For good dogs that listen to you!.
  • Annabell – Graceful.
  • Arabella – A famous name carried by Lady Arabella, the cousin of a King in Scotland.
  • Audra – A very old English name that means ‘noble strength’.
  • Estella – Raise your hand if you loved this name!.
  • Myra – A name created by Fulke Greville who was a poet in the 17th century.
  • Tabitha – Has an ancient touch to it.

I hope you can find a perfect name for your beloved girl dog from this shortlist. If you need more names and guidance check out this great book on female dog names by Richard Shaw. A great resource to get your hands on.

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