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Simple Guidance For You In Dog Food Vs. Human Food.

Dog Food Vs. Human Food
Dog Food Vs. Human Food. Image Source Pixabay.

Most commercially available dog foods have ingredients that are of no use and in many cases harmful to dogs.

To keep the cost low, manufacturers use filler ingredients and animal by-products that are just stealing your money away. While not all dog foods are bad, but you need to know the ingredients that make a dog food terrible.

This was research I did way back a few years ago to find the appropriate dog food for my cute GSDs. So, here are a few foods that you must avoid when buying dog food. Though you can’t avoid all of them but make sure to avoid most of them.

Almost half the dogs are affected with obesity!

And who is to blame for this?

Most people depend on dog food to feed their pets. So are dog foods the reason behind this?

Yes, to some extent. Even if you switch to human foods the chances of obesity are still high.

Your dog needs food with a balance of nutrients and real meat. So if you can find the match of these two in any food, go for it.

This post will clear some of your confusion regarding whether to choose dog food or human food for your dogs.

Difficult to maintain a balance of nutrients with human food.

Let’s just make it simple. Dog owners who feed their dogs with human food are providing them with the right nutrients.

But the big question lies how much are you feeding them and do you include all the nutrients that your dog needs? If you make their own food at home, you need to follow a set of guidelines to make it work.

Most owners just know what food is bad for dogs and what’s good. But that’s not enough for your canine’s health.

A dog’s size and age both have to be taken into account when feeding them.

The problem is not with human food. It’s the inability of many dog owners to keep track of their dog’s feeding requirements and end up making them either lean or fat.

So, depending on commercial dog foods becomes easy. If you have a German Shepherd, this list of handpicked GSD dog foods should help!

Human food is good, but you can’t feed everything.

If you read the dog food history, you will find that most owners fed their dogs from their own food or made something at home for them.

But feeding your dog from your own food or preparing food at home is complex in the sense that you have to keep track of all the foods that they can’t eat.

Starting from fruits, grains to vegetables, there are certain foods that you can’t feed them.

Some of these include grapes, chocolate, blueberries, corn, pineapple, onions, avocado, green peas, garlic, and the list will go on.

The cooked meals that you eat are never good for them. Because some of the spices and ingredients that you eat are either harmful to them or should be given in a limited amount.

So even if you stick with homemade dog food recipes, you should do your research and find out what proportions of food ingredients is optimal for their health.

Most commercial dog food is highly processed.

Commercial dog foods are in most cases processed heavily, and this makes it difficult for pet owners to find the right food for their dog.

Though dog foods have a good balance of all the essential nutrients needed for the right age, there are certain ingredients that leave a big question mark.

Dog foods oftentimes include animal by-products, plant-based proteins, and grains in them. And these are all low-quality food ingredients that are of no use to dogs.

The animal by-products may be sourced from anything like dead animals to disabled animals.

So before going for a commercial pet food inspect it’s ingredients and go for the one that has the least of the items we mentioned.

The truth is you can’t avoid all of them, and human food might just not give your dogs enough calories or nutrients to live a healthy life. But that totally depends on how well you can keep track and manage their diet at home.

Changing the food diet is essential.

When you get a puppy or a young dog, you can start off with foods that you have at home. But you need to slowly add dog foods for a balanced diet.

You can’t put him 100% on commercial foods or human foods for a long time. Because you need to provide variations in their diet for healthy living.

In that case, change your dog’s meals after every few months. But you should do this slowly over a few week’s time.

Dog foods with chicken are easy to make at home and have lesser fat on it. Just a little time every week can keep you on track.

I have seen certain dogs doing good on human food, and others became fat on it.

But the same goes for dog foods. So, you need to try both and see what works for your dog.

Leftover human food is not suited for dogs.

Many owners feed their dogs with leftover table scraps and bones. Often times owners think that rather than wasting just feed my dog.

But it’s a bad practice. The foods that you don’t eat or want to throw away can never be good for your dogs.

Giving these leftover foods can also cause obesity and other digestive problems over the years. Human foods also contain grains, and you should avoid giving them grains even if you have to throw it away.

Dog food saves time and lots of headaches.

Although I’m not a great fan of commercial dog foods, certainly they are beneficial in lots of ways.

Dog owners who are busy don’t have too much time to prepare food for their pets at home.

So dog foods save them quite a lot of time. And keeping track of the nutritional values and types of ingredients to use can also become a headache for many.

Newbie owners might just get discouraged to own dogs if they had to prepare dog foods at home.

The only problem is finding the right dog food that has less scrap and more nutrients.

Human food and dog food both can cause obesity.

Hmm? Yes! If you feed the wrong food in the wrong proportions!

The same food that might only contribute 5% of your daily calorie intake, if you give that to one of your small dogs, it might add up to 35% of his daily calorie intake.

That’s the reason feeding human food to dogs without knowing the correct proportions might make them fat after a few months.

If you visit any vet, they will tell you to feed only dog food. And that human food must be avoided as dog food has more nutrition.

Well, that’s total bullshit. Even dog foods that contain a high amount of grains and animal by-products will make your dog fat without offering any extra energy to play and run around.

So what to do?

Final thoughts: What should you feed your dogs?

You can feed human food or dog food to your dogs.

If you decide to feed him human food, you must do the digging to find out the correct proportion of food ingredients and what you cannot feed him.

But if that’s complicated for you, read reviews and do some research to find good dog foods that have more real meat and fewer fillers like grains and meat meals.

Take at a look at my favorite Pit Bulldog foods! This should give you a good idea about where to start!

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