Here’s What No One Tells You About Dog Oral Care!

Tells You About Dog Oral Care
Tells You About Dog Oral Care. Image Source Depositphotos

Dog oral care is often the most neglected issue I see in dog owners.

But I can totally understand that you don’t have time for grooming especially if you have other stuff to take care of.

Don’t brush your dog’s teeth! Yes, you heard me right!

Instead, go for the natural ways and other brushless ways I mentioned in this post.

We still included brushing with a toothbrush for owners who can afford to give some time to their furry buddy’s dental care.

If you totally ignore your dog’s dental care routine, you will find your dog’s teeth in seriously bad shape in a few years.

You and I both don’t want that. So let’s get started!

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Dog dental cleaning with brushes and toothpaste.

Cleaning with brushes will help you remove the plaque from your dog’s teeth over time. These are the steps involved:

  • Get a toothpaste that’s specially made for dogs. Human toothpaste will cause problems in the stomach. You can use a finger toothbrush for small dogs or dog toothbrushes that are angled.
  • Get in a good position essentially above her head.
  • Make your pet used to touch on her gums and teeth. You can do this by rubbing fingers on along her upper gums and outer part of the teeth.
  • Give him a test of the toothpaste. If he’s okay with the test, then proceed or try a different flavor.
  • Pull his upper lips and start brushing in a circular motion along with her teeth. Find the plague areas and focus on them.
  • Make her comfortable throughout the procedure and give her a treat for keeping her motivated.

6 ways to Clean your dog’s teeth without brushing.

I had the worst times in my life trying to brush my dog’s teeth. So many of these techniques worked for me. While this is good for keeping your dog’s mouth fresh but won’t eradicate plagues and tartars completely.

1. Canine dental spray.

Natural dental sprays for dogs are an excellent way to keep your pet’s bad breath away. This is best for lazy owners who want to reduce some of the plagues and tartars from their pet’s mouth.

2. Healthy diet.

Kibbles and wet food both are bad for your dog’s teeth. But if you have to go for one of them, kibbles are better in keeping your dog’s mouth cleaner. A healthy diet is a must for dog oral care.

3. Dental chew toys.

These chewy toys will help relax your pet along with scraping some of the plagues away from his tooth.

4. Raw Bones or Bully Sticks.

You can give raw bones to your dog. This will satisfy his chewing habit as well as keep his mouth clean. If you want something less messy, you can give him bully sticks.

5. Dogtooth wipes.

Tooth wipes are a great way to replace a toothbrush. Also, save you lots of time.

6. Antlers.

I’m not a great fan of antlers. Because my dog’s gum gets injured. But nevertheless, these are good for cleaning teeth. 

How to clean your dog’s teeth naturally?

I like two natural dog teeth cleaning ways. And these worked pretty well for my dogs.

Dog teeth cleaning with coconut oil.

Coconut oil toothpaste can be a good option for this. But if you don’t have it, natural coconut oil will be more than good.

Coconut oil is totally healthy for your dog. One of its main components is lauric acid that can kill bacteria and fungi.

So when you apply some coconut oil with a brush onto your dog’s teeth, you are not only freshening his mouth but also providing him healthy nutrients.

Dog teeth cleaning with baking soda.

Your dog might not like baking soda, but this is one of the best natural ways to clean his teeth. Just add water to baking soda and make a thick paste. You can also use hydrogen peroxide to make this formula more effective.

Here is a video from Kelli Jackson, a professional dog groomer demonstrating the process!

How often should you clean your dog’s teeth? (Dog teeth cleaning frequency).

If you are choosing to use a toothbrush to clean your pet’s teeth then brushing once daily will give good results.

But that’s a lot of hard work, and I don’t want to demotivate new dog owners.

The best way is to go with the natural techniques we mentioned in this post. So give them a bully stick or raw bone every now and then. And apply dog spray every day.

Keep in mind you can’t ignore the toothbrushing process completely. Whenever you get time, do it. Keep it at least thrice a week.

And don’t forget to visit the vet every year for thorough dental care for your dog.

Dog dental cleaning for serious issues (Taking to a vet).

An annual dental cleaning at the vet’s clinic is absolutely necessary. Your dog might have plagues and tartars deep in their teeth, and even if you brush daily, you can’t get rid of them.

This sort of cleaning involves taking x-rays of your dog’s teeth, putting him under anesthesia and thoroughly cleaning each tooth.

The anesthesia is only for keeping him calm and safe throughout the process. During the process any sort of plagues, decayed tooth or tartar will be removed.

Well, it sounds pretty awesome, but you need to keep in mind the cost of cleaning.

Let’s talk about the cost!

Dog dental care costs.

Dog teeth cleaning costs depend mainly on:

  • Your location or cost of living in that area.
  • The expertise of your vet.
  • Radiographs.
  • X-rays.
  • Any tooth extraction, fillings or root canal needed.

You can get it done in as less as $500. But that might not include handling by expert vets or x-rays or any extraction.

But you should be looking at a figure of $1500-$2000. This will, in most cases, cover every cost of a dog cleaning process, regardless of where you live.

What happens after dog teeth cleaning at the vet’s and what can you do?

After cleaning at the vet’s clinic, your pet will remain in great pain for a few days. Sometimes you will see your dog whimpering or whining after such dental care. Though it’s hard to see him in such pain, it’s pretty normal.

You can give him pain killers if your vet suggests. But you should give him lots of time and keep him busy playing. This will lessen his pain.

You don’t need to panic. Your pet will heal fast!

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