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The Background Of German Shepherds Are The Best

German Shepherds Are The Best
German Shepherds Are The Best. Image Source Pixabay.

If you own a German Shepherd, you probably know why they are the best. But for others looking to get a pet and thinking about German Shepherd, there’s a lot to know.

They are just a bunch of big babies. It looks a bit scary on the outside and equally soft and charming from the inside.

I will become a criminal if I don’t praise them for their supreme loyalty, extraordinary intelligence and attachment to their owners.

German Shepherds are a breed themselves and there are several German Shepherd variations available. As a dog owner, I must say all of those variations are equally loyal and great to keep at home.

With all the love that I have for these dogs, I have compiled a list of 14 great reasons that will make you want German Shepherds more than ever.

Why German Shepherds are the best?

  •  Being ‘SMART’ is their true nature

German Shepherd dogs are extremely intelligent. You teach him any new trick, and before you show him the third or fourth time, he will probably be doing better than you.

They are placed at number 3 in the list of world’s most intelligent dog breeds.

Many of the owners I know just got a German Shepherd because of their intelligence. Training them is a lot easier than other breeds.

Talking about smartness, you must also be smart enough to give them the right German Shepherd foods. If their diet is compromised, you can’t expect them to act smart!

  • Protecting you is their sole purpose of life

German dogs have a high Defense drive which means they have a tendency to protect you from any threat.

If you train and socialize them well, they will protect you from real danger.

A dog named Haus once saved a little girl from a snake. And in the battle, he took the bites onto himself. This is how true German Shepherds act and that’s the reason people love them all over the world. To know more read our article “what is German Shepherd.”

  • Loyalty is in their blood

I can bet on their loyalty and in fact, all German Shepherd owners can vouch for their loyalty.

They also make the top list of most loyal dogs in the world.

Shanon Lorio, a woman injured in a car crash was saved by a stranger GSD’s courage and supreme loyalty to human beings. The dog pulled her out of the truck and eventually, she was hospitalized.

Loyalty is truly in their blood. If you become their proud owner, they will serve for a lifetime.

Here’s Shanon’s story and should give you a glimpse of their heroism.

  • Walk like a king when a German Shepherd is with you.

You live in a neighborhood with lots of bullies. But who will come to mess with you?

No one! Because you have a German Shepherd that looks intimidating.

Their size and stature can scare a lot of people away. For your enemies, he can become a nightmare.

That steely gaze he has should keep you away from unnecessary trouble. Once you have one GSD, you can proclaim yourself as the king of the street.

  • They are born police officers

The police departments all around the world just love German Shepherds.

They are fast, agile, loyal, smart and workaholic. They are part of many bomb squads and rescue teams. They follow the scent trail and unless they find the source they will not stop.

Can human police officers replace them? I don’t think so!

  • They bring in fun into your life

If you think you have a boring life, then please bring in a German Shepherd. Their pack drive instinct will never let you be alone.

And what’s more, they will sprinkle lots of fun and activities in your life.

Let’s say goodbye to that boring old life!

  •  If you socialize them well, they will love your children more

You might be worried about bringing in a GSD when you have toddlers and kids in your home.

They are the second most popular dog breed in America. And that’s for a number of reasons.

If you socialize them well and treat them as your own, they will treat you and your kids as their own.

German Shepherds are as good as their owners.

There are few stories that describe German Shepherds being aggressive. After all, they are animals. If you handle them badly and keep them hungry, chances of mishaps will be there.

Socializing them from a very early age can make them great companions in the future.

  • They can adjust anywhere easily to your lifestyle

I can relate a story of the dog named Rusty here. Rusty adapted perfectly to his disabled owner’s lifestyle. He was always there with his owner and left home only when told to.

Whether you live in a city or an ever-changing schedule, these dogs can adapt easily.

  • Easy to understand what they want

Understanding their needs is fairly easy. If they want something, they will get it from you. They might sometimes bark and moan, but that’s only to grab your precious attention to them.

Just give them enough exercise to stay calm.

  • Have great color shades

They may look a bit intimidating, but sure they are quite beautiful.

With long fur coats and several variations in color, they are a delight to watch running around.

While the black and brown colors are most common, you can get them in shades of sable and black as well.

  • They love to solve problems

If you don’t give enough opportunity to use their smart brains, they will become naughty.

They are easy to teach new things and can use them independently without your supervision. Locking and unlocking doors, getting into cabinets, etc. are some of the cool stuff that they can learn and use them for life.

Give them problems to solve, and they shouldn’t become your problem too.

  • Adorable Drama queens that will make you love them more

Are German Shepherds aggressive? No! They are just total drama queens.

As they grow older, they will find each and every way of getting your attention. It’s like a treat for them to get your attention and works as an addiction to them.

How can you not love them? When it’s time for lunch, they can become quite noisy, playing with the empty bowl. Everything just to let you know they care about your thoughts!

  • You will never have to workout alone again!

Doing workout and running is a  lonely act. But not for you!

Take your German Shepherd with you. They are highly energetic and will give you a good company while you work out.

The best part is running and doing exercise is beneficial for their health. If you are worried about your dog becoming tired, then forget that. You will be giving them a better life.

  • A great model for your photography hobby

Not much to shoot with your old camera? Try German Shepherds.

They are super photogenic, and in whatever frame you put them in, they look majestic. Chances are you will either develop a photography hobby or take your hobby to the next level with all those cute poses German Shepherds make.

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