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8 Explanation On Why How Pit Bulls Are Good Dogs?

How Pit Bulls Are Good Dogs
How Pit Bulls Are Good Dogs. Image source Pixabay.

The question of Pit Bull is a good dog is often raised due to its origins. Across the USA many states have banned Pit Bulls. But that’s just another stereotypical approach to discrimination by breeds.

You can dig deeper into what Pit Bulls were originally bred for. But it all ends with the intent of the owners. You can always train any dog for evil purposes. But it seems Pit Bulls, unfortunately, get in hands of the wrong owners.

As I searched online, I didn’t come across a single owner who says their Pit Bulldog is bad. Instead, owners label them as ‘affectionate,’ ‘loyal,’ ‘sweet,’ ‘attached’ and ‘caring’ dogs.

So, for you, I have 8 reasons that can show you how Pit Bulls are good dogs.

8 Reasons that explains how good are Pit Bulldogs.

Pit Bulls might look scary sometimes because of their intimidating look. And all those stories circulating on the internet that says Pit Bulls are aggressive are not always true. You need to know what Pit Bulls really are first to actually judge them.

Here are all the reasons they are the best!

The Pit Bull smile can make your day.

One smile from a Pit Bulldog can really help start your day fresh. Their lolling tongue makes you laugh every time you walk past them.

But most people fear Pit Bulls and believe they have locking jaws. Studies have shown that there is nothing extraordinary about their jaws and they bite.

Some Pit Bulls who are prone to biting might have a higher prey drive. You can find that in any dog breed. But certainly, you can control that with continuous training.

You can also read this report from the American Veterinary Medical Association that confirms that Pit Bulls are not more dangerous than other dog breeds.

They love cuddling.

Do you love cuddling? Then you have all the reasons to love Pit Bulls.

Every Pit Bull has a soft side that makes them hug you now and then. You will never feel alone when you are around them. Whether you are on the bed, couch or on your favorite chair, they will cover your lap.

Most of them just don’t understand the fact that they are too big to fit on the lap. For mental well being, I can hardly find a better dog breed than Pit Bull.

And it’s good for them too. Human contact is beneficial for them to relax and feel secure.

Two Pit Bull traits: Loving and pleasing people.

Pit Bulls aggressively love people.

If you are of the opinion that these dogs are scary as hell, then you should read the story of Farrand Schneider. She was attacked by a Pit Bulldog once but later adopting one, her opinion about Pit Bulls changed altogether.

To her surprise, she found these dogs very devoted and always seeking an opportunity to remain close to human beings.

A test conducted by the American Temperament Test Society revealed that Pit Bulls have an 86.4% rating. This is higher than most other popular breeds like beagles and golden retrievers.

If you get one of them, your life will be filled with kisses and hugs.

Pit Bull’s love for children is adorable.

Having a pet animal at home can really make your children more open and caring by nature.

Pit Bulls are nanny type dogs who are very affectionate towards children. The right training method will ensure that your children are safe with them.

Because of their high temperament, they tend to have more control over their actions and as great cuddlers, your children will just love them.

You might have also heard people strongly claiming Pit Bull’s nanny dogs. Though it might not be true, Pit Bulls will never go against their owners. This is the reason people have used them in very bad ways. A thing to feel pity for.

Less grooming, more fun.

For lazy owners, there is good news. Pit Bulls are low maintenance dogs who are easy to care for.

You can brush them once a week or even never because of their short coat. As their fur is not odoriferous a weekly or a monthly bath is sufficient for them and that too in a short time.

But you should still trim their nails and keep their teeth and ears clean for better health.

The only issue you that can cause you pain is their food habit. Their sensitive digestion system doesn’t allow all dog food to be appropriate for them. So you need to get Pit Bull specific dog foods that are rich in proteins and nutrition.

Bring in a positive vibe in your life.

Pit Bulls are full of life and their vivacity, and devotion can bring in a positive vibe in your life.

You can hardly keep them away, and most Pit Bulls bred aggressively have high recovery rates.

You might have heard about Victory dogs. These dogs were rescued by NFL player Michael Vick from a dogfighting scheme. Most of these dogs have recovered from their aggressive intent and are living with loving families. You can find more about them in the book ‘The Lost Dogs’ by Jim Gorant.

Some of these rescued dogs have become reputable service dogs and therapy dogs.

This proves that despite the fact Pit Bulls were first bred for fighting, they can still be trained to live as family dogs.

Their loyalty is unquestionable.

Pit Bulls are super loyal Dogs. Once you adopt one, you get a companion for life.

If you think these dogs are not good enough to protect you, you will find many stories of their protecting nature online.

Isis, the dog from Michigan, is a great example of clarifying the breed’s loyalty. Jaimie Kraczkowski, the owner, was abused by her violent boyfriend. And when the dog saw the threat increasing, it took control of the situation.

The result was its owner was saved from the incident. Can you still question their loyalty?

Pit Bulls can also be good exercise partners.

Pit Bulls are not known to be obsessed with exercise like German Shepherds, but they still love working out.

So, if you adopt Pit Bulls for only grazing at home, you can still take them outside. Your lonely exercise time can be enlightened by their sweet presence.

They are even known to be good at agility training and have certain athletic abilities.

Few Final Words.

If your state or region doesn’t have a Pit Bulldog ban, you can call yourself lucky. Because you have the awesome opportunity to get such a loving pet.

I would tell you what I tell others to be dog owners, first learn about the breed. Every breed is different, and every one of them has their own flaws. We must learn to embrace them. With proper training, your Pit Bulldog can become a permanent family member who will adore you.

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