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How to make dog clothes at home- Simple Guide.

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Dressing up your dog isn’t really necessary for them. But, for cold weather, anxiety relief or occasions, you can and you should dress your dogs up. And when you do so, you better do it right.

You can buy your dog clothes from a pet retail shop. But you can always make your own dog clothes to get the perfect fit for your dogs.

Things To Consider Before Making Dog Clothes

Putting clothes on dogs is regarded as an inhuman act in different opinions. And the paramount reason we can find to justify it is that you are not doing it right. So, here are a few rules of dressing your dogs.

  • Make sure your dog is comfortable with clothes on.
  • Make sure it doesn’t affect his mobility.
  • Make sure the fabric is breathable and not too warm.
  • Check your dogs’ body temperature before and after dressing them up.
  • Don’t make them wear too loose or too tight clothes.
  • Make sure the cloth fits his body type.
  • Don’t cover their back area if it’s not necessary (for using diapers or other reasons).
  • Don’t make them wear it for too long, in the hot weather or when they are locked in the car outside.
  • Always make sure the clothes have no accessories like buttons or metal decorative thins that can hurt your dogs (choking or breaking their teeth).

How to Dress Your Dogs According to His body type.

Depending on the different breed, size and body type, dogs need different fittings for their clothes. So you just can’t buy a random dog cloth and put it on your dog. First, understand your dog’s body type.

For smaller breeds or puppies like the poodles, Miniature Pinscher and so; you can buy baby clothes that would need no sewing. But for bigger dogs, like bulldogs and German shepherds, it’s better to make dog clothes from human clothes or make it from scratch.

Apart from the clothing fit, keep it fashionable is another thing you should give a thought. If you have a lab, you can dress him up with any clothes as long as you choose the right color against his body color. Bulldogs carry out well with turtlenecks and hoodies.

If you have a dog with long hair, we recommend you to focus on the nice clips and bow ties, rather than focusing on the body cloth. However long hair breeds are better not to be dressed up because it can produce more heat in their body than necessary.

Dogs that tend to drool a little too frequently, need easy-washable clothes. On the other hand, dogs with shorter legs should be dressed up with a pant otherwise it would accentuate his little stubby legs.

How to make dog clothing at home

The key benefit of making dog clothes at home is that you can make it with a perfect fit. There are many DIY dog clothes you can try out. You can make from scratch, or you can learn how to make dog clothes from old clothes as well. Whatever suits you.

How to make dog clothes from scratch

If you are good at sewing and have a sewing machine at your home, then it is best to take your dog’s personalized measurements and then make a scratch like this. You can also get free printable dog clothes patterns of your choice from the internet.

Source: https://petdog.boutique/very-detailed-tutorial-for-making-dog-shirts/

For making this pattern, measure the length of your dog’s body. It’s better to leave the back area around his tail. And now measure the half of his neck circumference and add a 1-inch allowance for snap button attachment. Similarly, take half of his body circumference and add 2 inches allowance for snap button attachment.

Now draw the shape of the armhole and round up the shape like the pattern shows. Always cut the fabric double folded, so that both sides remain proportionate. Keep half an inch for sewing allowance.

Now cut two panels with the same pattern facing the wrong side of the fabric to each other. Now pin up along the edge like shown in the picture keeping a hole open in order to flip it to take the right side of the fabric out. Then give topstitch for final finish and make sure to close the previous hole this time.

Mark the right position and attach the snap buttons. And you and your dog are all set.

See how handsome he looks in your custom made dog clothes.

How to make dog clothes from baby clothes

If you have no time for making from scratches and doing all that stuff. Or, if you don’t know how to sew with a machine, then this DIY for no-sew dog clothes pattern, is your only go.

But as we discussed, making dog clothes from baby clothes has its own shortcomings as well.

You can easily find baby sweaters and shirts that will fit on your puppies and small dogs. But there are almost no no-sewing DIY dog clothes for big dogs. So if you have a bigger dog, then better sew him a customized shirt, sweaters or vest. You can buy them from the pet retail shops as well.

But if you have a puppy or a small breed fur buddy. Then you can simply buy him a nice piece of human baby shirt, nighty or sweater. But make sure you take your canine measurements before buying.

It is best to buy baby clothes which are made of little stretchy material. But it should never be too tight that can cause him problems with his breathing and mobility.

Another thing to notice- check if the sleeves of the baby cloth are longer than your dog’s legs or not. Cut it off or you can fold it up if that is the case.

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