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172 Most Popular Male Dog Names In 2021.

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Note: We keep this list updated with dog names that are trending and popular. Our mission is to build this list as the ultimate dog name resource for only the best dog names. 

Did you get a new German Shepherd or a pit bulldog? And now you need a bit of inspiration to find that perfect name for your buddy.

In 2020, there are few trending names and some classic names that remain popular even today. You can literally find thousands of names online, but this list is composed of only the best and most badass names out there.

I used to have a German shepherd dog whom I named Max. And that’s the reason we bonded like best friends forever. Alas! I lost him. The name must speak your dog’s personality, and you should be comfortable calling him in that name.

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Tips for Deciding the Perfect Badass Pet Name Or Male dog Name.

Hard consonants and long vowels names are the best

Names like Mickey or even Dory that ends with long vowels it easier for your dog to hear. Don’t use names that sound like orders. You know how it works now!

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Keep names based on your dog’s personality.

Give yourself a few days to observe your cute buddy. Take some notes of the most positive traits you see in them. And that should help you to come up with a brilliant name.

Avoid Dirty names

Don’t just use a name just because it’s funny. You don’t want to get embarrassed calling in that name in public. Some people even get mad hearing such names.

Use short one-word names

Short and one-word names don’t work that good. You don’t want your family members to call your pet in two different names. That just makes it more complicated.

Male Dog Name Trends in 2020.

If you are going by the trend, in 2020, the -er names are more popular like Dexter and Cooper. The last season of the Game of Thrones is already here, so you might even go for Snow or even Bolton.

With 2020 coming up and Game of Thrones is releasing their last season, you might even go for Snow or even Bolton.

Mythological names are also rising in popularity. Thor and Loki are still favorites among dog owners.

While if you want to know what sort of names are on the top 10 list this year, classical names like Max and Rocky remains evergreen.

The fastest rising names we found were Chester and Ollie. Look one ends with -er and another ends with a long consonant. And your pet can easily hear these names

Trending dog names in 2020 with -er.

We talked about the -er type names going trendy. What’s holding you back?

  • Danger – That sounds super badass.
  • Gunner – Sporty and a little intimidating.
  • Tanker – For Bulky dogs.
  • Hunter – A killer name for your fearless pet.
  • Joker – The most famous villain that stole our hearts.
  • Cooper – Trending in 2020. It resembles a true friend.
  • Chester – Popular and attention-grabbing.
  • Oliver – As Oliver Twist.
  • Buster – Name for the naughtiest pet ever!
  • Dexter – one of the hot favorites in 2020, means ‘towards the right side.

Other Trending dog names in 2020.

  • Tormund – The giant Wildling in the Game of Thrones! Very witty!
  • Hodor – Another beloved name from GOT. Sweet and loyal.
  • Arrow – Inspired by the fictional character ‘green arrow’.
  • Tik Tok – It’s super trending now! For dogs who give amazing reactions.

Badass male dog names.

Here are 11 badass names for your tough pet. It’s a list of names I love personally.

  • Axel – Totally badass, isn’t it? It represents masculinity in Scandinavia, France, and Germany.
  • Bullet – If you have a super-fast dog, you will love calling him by this name!
  • Diesel – It’s a strong but not so aggressive name. That’s why you can see the popularity of this name rising.
  • Pistol – Resembles accuracy and speed.
  • Venom – Ouch! That’s a tough name.
  • Tank – Sounds heavy and cool.
  • Bolton – The character from GOT ( Game of Thrones)- cunning and ferocious.
  • Ammo – It’s a shortened version of ammunition. Give your pet a strong name with this.
  • Tyson – Like Mike Tyson- tough and unbeatable.
  • Tyrion – Ah! I would give this name to the most little and clever pet I have. GOT fans will love it.
  • Pyro – Short form of Pyromaniac. It’s a hot and badass name for a dog.
  • Gregor – Gregor Clegane, the destructive character from GOT.
  • Hound – The brother of Gregor. One of the most loved characters in GOT.
  • Mufasa – The arch-enemy of the Lion King.

Classic male dog names that are still hot!

Some dog names remain evergreen. Whether you are born in the ’80s or the ’90s, you can connect with these names instantly. Your dog will just love hearing them.

  • Fury – Resembles strength and reminds about the 2014 movie of the same name.
  • Harley – If you think your pet is built with a power name him Harley.
  • Hercules – The Greek mythological superhero.
  • Rambo – Who would forget Sylvester Stallone in that character?
  • Rocky – Your Rocky will rock the world.
  • Max – An all-time favorite and my lost pet’s name.
  • Milo – From the movie ‘The Mask.’
  • Aladdin – The man that brought good fortune.
  • Simba – The character we fell in love watching ‘Lion King.’
  • Sherlock – Aware, mindful, and loyal.
  • Oscar – If you think your pet might be an Oscar winner for his tricks.
  • Biscuit – Classic and sweet.
  • Pickle – common yet ever so cute.
  • Pluto – The orange dog from Disney.
  • Hamlet – Shakespeare’s ultimate creation. Has a feel to it.

Cool and popular male dog names.

This list covers most of the names I researched on. Some of them are trending, and some are just too much cool.

  • Nitro – Call him Nitro if he is super naughty.
  • Titan – It’s a name given to the most influential character.
  • Thor – Greek mythological character made more famous by the movie ‘Thor.’
  • Ollie – That’s a name trending in 2020.
  • Loki – Greek mythological villain.
  • Tomba – A cute and Awesome character from a PS1 game.
  • Dracarys – Have a ‘GOT’ fever? This is what your pet should have as a name.
  • Justice – From the Justice league loved by DC fans.
  • Ultra – Sounds modern and awesome.
  • Ace – attributed to someone who excels in a certain activity. I love this name, it’s short and easy to hear for your dog.
  • Oreo – Like the oreo biscuits!
  • Dobby – The famous house elf in Harry Potter.
  • Peanut – Shorten it up a little bit to call ‘Peanu.’
  • Cody – Sounds geeky. That’s suitable for an intelligent pet.
  • Robb – Another name from GOT that sounds classy.
  • Stark – Start with Stark and create a stark family in the future.
  • Jorah – the most loyal and loved character in GOT. Jorah could be the best name you can give to your pet.
  • Fanta – Short and witty.
  • Tommen – The sweet king from the GOT.
  • Macguyver – Clever and innovative.
  • Dino – If you have been a dinosaur fan, you will love it.
  • Noodle – Perfect for small dogs.
  • Pumpernickel – A sort of dark German bread. Perfect for a GSD.

16 Popular dog names that are still hot.

  • Chewy – If your dog chews everything from your bed to the sofa, chewy can be a good name for him.
  • Tarzan – It’s still popular, and the name brings in a jungle flavor at home.
  • Tyson – Have an angry dog? Tyson means ‘fiery temperament.’
  • Ace – Ace suits for the one who is super active.
  • Rocky – This age-old name is still popular among dog lovers.
  • Bolt – Another name given to naughty dogs.
  • Casper – Casper is a very old name, made popular by the ghost character of the same name.
  • Zorro – The Mask of Zorro! I still love this name!
  • Max – Name of my first dog and one of the all-time most popular dog names ever!
  • Thor – This was trending in 2018, probably will remain the same in 2020.
  • Conan – Mythological character still popular to this time.
  • Jumanji – Derived from a Zulu word meaning ‘effect’.
  • Hagrid – The giant from the Harry Potter movie series.
  • Hobbit – For cute and tiny dogs.
  • Sprite – Sounds very refreshing.
  • Winnie the poodle – As like Winnie the Pooh.

13 funny male dog names.

  • Woofy – The name sounds like it’s coming out from a cartoon show.
  • Toto – It means ‘in total.’ But who cares I find it quite funny.
  • Mustang – To the little gangster-like dogs who love running around.
  • Tomato – Have you ever thought of keeping this name? I’m keeping this for my next dog.
  • Atom – best for small dog breeds like Beagle, Shih Tzu, and Yorkshire Terrier.
  • Trading – That’s a form of astonished expression.
  • Podrick – Pod sounds much better!.
  • Trump – For dogs with smearing faces like a Pit Bulldog.
  • Indiana bones – As like Indiana Jones.
  • Dumbledog – As like Dumbledor from the Harry Potter series.
  • Chuck Norris – Even the name sounds funny!

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  • Bam Bam – Yikes! I just love this name.
  • Pumba – The funny looking warthog in Lion King.

7 Badass names for intimidating dogs.

  • Venom  – Ooh! That sounds creepy. This name suits dogs that look very dangerous.
  • Nemesis – Often meant as arch enemies and arch enemies are often very strong.
  • Madness – For always running and barking dogs.
  • Savage – resembles something that very fierce.
  • Sandokan – Fictional pirate character, known as the tiger of Malaysia.
  • Force – That’s too intimidating but sounds exciting.
  • Sindbad – Who can forget this name? Though not popular among dogs, it’s still a great name for a badass dog.

5 Coolest names for boy dogs.

  • Aladdin – The new Disney movie in 2020 is a great inspiration for this name.
  • Cameo – It’s short, and I love how easily you can pronounce it.
  • Sherlock – Sherlock 221B Baker Street. If you are a fan, this name should already be in your mind.
  • Gizmo – Cool Mechanical gadget.
  • Simba – The iconic Lion King character that resembles fearlessness, wisdom and leadership. Searching for pet names can sometimes be tiring! There’s literally hundreds and thousands of sources that you can skim through, and yet you will find no names that you will love instantly. So, I invested a little time for you to come up with male and female dog names that you will love. The list contains some of the most popular and unique names that you might not have heard yet. Without any further nonsense, let’s grab a name from this list!

Male dog names inspired by Disney characters.

  • Bagheera – The black panther from the jungle book.
  • Baloo – Mowgli’s best friend Baloo.
  • Dumbo – For dogs with very long ears!.
  • Hook – Resembles sharpness and speed.
  • Scrooge – Remember Scrooge McDuck from Duck Tales?.
  • Iago – The Iago is a red Macaw bird in Aladdin animated cartoons. Best known for his tricky acts!.
  • Huey, Dewey, Louie – The three little ducks from Duck Tales. If you have three dogs of the same age, these three names should suit them best.
  • Shere khan – The ferocious and intimidating tiger from Jungle Book.
  • Chip and Dale – Cute names for your dog duos.
  • Domino, Pongo, Rolly – These are the names from 101 Dalmatians cartoon series.

Male dog names based on strong leaders.

  • Caesar – Who doesn’t know Julius Caesar?.
  • Lincoln – The man who never gave up hope!.
  • Napoleon – For dogs with a killer personality.
  • Roosevelt – Represents influence and super driving force.
  • Musk – One of my favorite names inspired by Elon Musk.

Athletic male dog names.

  • Cena – Ya! You can’t see me!.
  • Jordan – Represents agility and honesty.
  • Beckham – Whoa! Stylish and genuine!.
  • Nadal – stands for a true champion.
  • Phelps – If your dog loves swimming, this is the name you were looking for!.
  • Ronaldo – Fast and focused!.

Male dog names inspired by pop culture and films.

  • 2 Pac – Kudos if you still remember Tupac Shakur.
  • Bruno – For musical dogs!.
  • Akon – The iconic singer that rocked the world for some time!.
  • Linkin – Umm… Dope!.
  • Arcade – A super performing metal band from the 90s.
  • Waylon – The name sounds pretty classy.
  • Darth Vader – The fictional antagonist from the Stars Wars movie series.
  • General Zod – Appeared as a villain in many Superman movies.

Most unique dog names you haven’t thought yet.

  • Chrome – Why haven’t I thought about this name earlier?.
  • Hashtag – One of the most trending names in recent times.
  • Blade – Sharp and lethal. A good name for a guard dog.
  • Wifi – A term we are so familiar, yet overlooked as a dog name.
  • Drone – For super dogs that won’t come home.
  • Antenna – Classy and unique.
  • Tinder – The rise of dog names based on social media apps are rising.
  • Netflix – Dogs that entertain you all day.
  • Gryffindor – As in the Harry Potter series.
  • Yaya – Represents tropical American trees.

Exotic male dog names from different countries.

  • Alistair – Masculine name from Scottish origins.
  • Buga – An inactive volcano in the Philippines.
  • Cyanide – Deathly and ferocious.
  • Kush – Has a soft touch to it and easy to pronounce.
  • Mohawk – As like the Mohawk hairstyle.
  • Octavius – The other name of Augustus, the first emperor of the Roman empire.
  • Sparta – Very catchy and reminds the great ancient city of the Greek empire.
  • Castro – Inspired by the Cuban revolutionist Fidel Castro.
  • Tomi – Represents masculinity in Finland.
  • Omaro – Originated from Arabic.

Japanese male dog names.

  • Kita – Means ‘it’s coming’.
  • Jiro – One of the characters from the video game ‘Blue Dragon’.
  • Kiku – It means flowers. It’s easy to call and your dog will remember the name better.
  • Wazuka – In the Japanese language, this means ‘little’. Suitable for tiny pups.

Dog names inspired by Chinese culture and language.

  • Ping – As like the King Ping of Zhou of China.
  • Qiang – For dogs who are powerful and well built.
  • Zhong – Means Loyalty and devotion! This what dogs are all about.
  • Tangtang – Has a nice rhyme to it.

Best country dog names for male dogs.

  • Barnes – This is a very old and rare country name.
  • Hogan – For dogs that look like warriors. Hogan means a young warrior.
  • Toby – Very popular English name, yet unique among dogs.
  • Summer – I would love to name my dog summer if I had got him during the summer times.
  • Bandit – Best name for a dog who loves to mess with other dog gangs.
  • Desperado – Has a Spanish origin. Name it if your dog is desperate for you.
  • Silos – It’s a Latin word that means ‘of the forest’.

What to keep in mind before deciding your dog name.

  • Pet names with short and single words are always best. Your pets can quickly catch those names and remember them better. You don’t want to keep a name that breaks your teeth every time you call it.
  • I always recommend one thing to a new dog owner. And that’s to observe your dog’s personality before giving him a new name. If it takes a few days, don’t rush it. Just wait for the right moment and keep searching for the right name.
  • Go for dog names that bring a smile on you and other people’s faces. Any nasty or distracting name can call for unwanted attention and bullying.
  • I often use dog names that are meaningful. But that’s totally up to you!

As a pet owner, you should be proud of yourself taking care of an innocent animal who brings love and fun in your life. This list was just a way to express my gratitude to all pet owners.

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