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What dog food is bad for dogs?

dog food is bad for dogs
dog food is bad for dogs

Most commercially available dog foods have ingredients that are of no use and in many cases harmful to dogs.

To keep the cost low, manufacturers use filler ingredients and animal by-products that are just stealing your money away. While not all dog foods are bad, but you need to know the ingredients that make a dog food terrible.

This was research I did way back a few years ago to find the appropriate dog food for my cute GSDs. So, here are a few foods that you must avoid when buying dog food. Though you can’t avoid all of them but make sure to avoid most of them.

Dog food that has feed grade ingredients.

Feed grade ingredients contain animal by-products and meat meals. But you will be surprised to know that most commercially available dog foods have such ingredients as the main source of protein.

You never know where these ingredients come from- dead animals expired meat or waste fat from restaurants! It can be anything.

These ingredients are very low in quality and contain toxins and other harmful enzymes that are dangerous for a healthy dog diet.

If you search a little about dog food history, you will see how much their food trend has changed in the last 50-100 years. Starting with raw foods, people now feed their dogs with foods that have low-quality ingredients without giving a lot of thought.

Corn Syrup.

Corn syrup is added as a sweetener in many dog foods. It’s also bad for our health too.

One of the reasons corn syrup is added because dogs can become addicted to foods that contain this ingredient. This means you will be buying more of that dog food.

Corn syrup causes weight gain which can lead to obesity and diabetes in your poor little pet. Moreover, he will likely develop a sweet tooth which is totally bad for his health.

To feed your canines with dog food or human food is a matter of debate. Whatever it is, the food should be healthy and full of genuine proteins. Just discard that food that dogs can’t eat at all.[

Raw and Farmed Salmon.

If you feed your dog cooked salmon, it’s rather beneficial for him.

But you need to know whether the Salmon you are feeding is farmed or wild-caught.

Different fat-soluble pollutants are more in farmed salmons. And the worst part is the dog foods that have salmon or salmon meal or even salmon oil, all of them uses farmed salmon.

The more you feed your pet which such foods, the more you are increasing the chance of developing cancer in him.

Animal Fats.

Animal fats or rendered fats are good for your pet. But these are mainly low-quality ingredients used to lower the cost of the dog food.

But that’s not our main concern. These animal fats often times come from unidentified animals or dead animals from farms or zoos. The worst part is meat flavoring is used to cover up the smell or taste of these ingredients.

The more you feed such food, the more toxins you’re introducing to your pet.

With so many bad foods in the market, it was pretty tough for me to find the right food for my Pit Bulldogs.

But after a lot of digging and searching, I got the foods that suited them. My Pit Bulls don’t love eating homemade foods. So that’s an issue I face regularly.

Plant-based protein foods.

Plant-based proteins are a big no-no to dogs. These proteins come of no use to pets because their digestive system cannot absorb these.

Manufacturers add these types of protein only to lower their costs. Plant-based protein like soy is difficult to digest for dogs and can cause many digestive problems like bloat or gas.

Many dogs can even be allergic to plant substances like corn or soy.

Animal digest.

While you might not find animal digest in the ingredient list of certain dog foods, these are used to hide unpleasant smell or taste of meat.

Animal digest is sprayed over the dog food, and it adds a meat flavor that dogs love. Dog foods that have a lack of meat ingredients use animal digest to cover this up.

You never know what sort of animals are used in making the animal digest.

Grains and Corn.

We don’t recommend going for a totally grain-free diet. But that’s better than feeding low-quality grains to your pet dog. Grains like corn are tough to digest and is only included to raise the protein content of the pet food.

Most grains do little to nothing in terms of adding nutritional value to your pet’s diet. For example pea protein. It has lots of protein that’s your dog will not able to digest. This means your wasting money on products that come of no help.

As an alternative, you can make cheap dog food at home and control the amount and types of grains as per your dog’s needs. A little use of grains can lower the cost quite a lot if you don’t have a big budget for your pet.

Raw meat and eggs.

Raw meat, fish or eggs all are bad for dogs. I personally found many dog owners feeding raw eggs to their dogs. But it’s a bad practice.

There are lots of harmful bacteria in raw foods, and your pet might end up getting food poisoning from Salmonella or E.coli.

The major signs of dog food poisoning might be vomiting or fever. So reach out to your vet ASAP when you face such issues.

If you have time and want to make food for your dog at home, make sure that everything is well cooked and are in the right proportions.

Fruit seeds.

Fruits are good for dogs. But you need to be extra careful to get rid of the seeds first. Some seeds are even poisonous to consume. Persimmon seeds can block your dog’s intestine and cause problems in indigestion.

Fruits like peach or plums also contain cyanides that should be totally avoided.

Before giving any seedy fruit make sure to remove the seeds and the white part of the seeds.

Bad dog food brands to avoid.

There are tons of bad dog foods on the market which we can’t cover all in this post. So we handpicked 3 brands that you should never feed your dog unless other dog foods don’t suit him.

Beneful by Purina.

This commercial dog food is full of artificial dyes and plant ingredients. It also has a poultry by-product. And that’s not what you want for your dog. It might not cause any health issues instantly, but long term consumption can cause significant digestive problems.

Kibbles N Bits.

All the ingredients in Kibbles N Bits went wrong. I don’t know how it has managed to survive in the dog food market. It has a bone meal, soybean meal, and corn, all of which are bad for dogs. The worst part is the usage of synthetic dyes. Yuck!

Lams Dog Food.

You can expect significant weight if you feed this dog food as dried beet pulp is used as a sugar filler. In addition, cornmeal, chicken by-product, and whole-grain sorghum make lams dog food more unsuitable for dogs.

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