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Everyone Talking About What Is German Shepherd?

What Is German Shepherd
What Is German Shepherd. Image Source Pixabay.

If you ask me to describe the German Shepherd in one line, I would say “He is the most versatile and heroic dog breed on earth.

Yes, German Shepherd is a dog breed which is officially named “German Shepherd dog.”

But anyway as the popularity of the breed rose more and more, you and I both don’t know about any German Shepherd that’s not a dog.

These dogs are super courageous and have been known to help people in several famous rescue missions. Their intellect and work ethic are unmatched.

That’s the reason, it’s one of the most popular dogs in America.

Want to know more about them? Keep reading!

History of German Shepherd: Important highlights.

  • The German Shepherd dog as you might guess originated in Germany. But its development progressed in the late 1800s by crossing different herding breeds.
  • The father of the German shepherd breed is known to be Max Von Stephanitz. Stephanitz studied British breeding techniques and applied them to German dogs in 1899. As a result, a high-class herding dog breed was introduced in America. He was the first to standardize the breeding of these dogs and start a German Shepherd dog club. Thanks to one man’s effort that contributed a lot to today’s dog breeding culture.
  • In the 1920s Rin Tin Tin and Strongheart became famous as German shepherd dogs. Tin Tin was a rescued dog from a bombed-out kennel in France. It was during World War I when it was brought to America. Both of these dogs appeared in Hollywood movies and became iconic heroes soon. But it’s not just movies that made them famous, they were courageous, athletic and sure had brained. That’s how German shepherd dogs became popular and mainstream.
  • In 1908, the breed was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and ever since it remained in the top list of most popular dogs to bring home.
  • If you go Uk, you will hear Alsatians more than German Shepherd because they renamed it that way.

Let’s know more about the German Shepherd breed!

Breed profile.

Breeding Group:

Mainly herding and Guarding dog.

These dogs were primarily used as herding dogs. In today’s time, people use them as guard dogs. Military and police use them as rescue dogs.


  • Weight ranges from 60 to 100 lbs.
  • Height ranges from 22 to 26 inches.

Color Standard:

  • The standard color for German dogs is black and tan, black and cream or any combination in the black color spectrum.
  • White is not a standard color for German shepherd dogs.


  • The coarse double coat of medium length.


  • Upright ears

How long German Shepherds live:

Some live 10-12 years and the other 7-10 years.

Exercise requirements:

At Least 40 minutes a day.

Characteristics of the breed.

Low High Moderate
Tendency to Bark Affection Level Energy level
A tendency to Drool and snore * Friendliness
* Exercise time
* Trainability
* Intelligence
* Shedding
* Tendency to dig
* Attention needs

The personality of German Shepherd dogs.

German Shepherds can become very aggressive if you don’t socialize him and provide obedience training at an early age.

So are German Shepherds truly aggressive? Not really! Aggression is not in their core personality as they have a stable mentality. The amount of aggression in your dog totally depends on you! Bad owners often develop bad dogs!

Training this breed is easy, and they are smart enough to learn quickly. They get along well with people but not as well with other pets.

So, socialization is the key here.

What do German Shepherds eat?

German Shepherds love anything that is meat. The proteins should come from animal sources. You can give low GI carbs to them in small quantities. To keep them calmer you should provide vegetables and fruits regularly. To know more read our article- “ dog food for my German Shepherd review.”

German Shepherd puppies: Should you get one or not?

If you want a German Shepherd whom you want to train on your own, that would be awesome. But bear in mind getting a new puppy is like bringing a newborn child home.

You will need to be extra careful and not pushy. You should maintain some level of reinforcement on him but not too much to make him aggressive. You don’t get attacked by dogs when just because they are aggressive but because they are scared.

Keep in mind that you will need on average $3000 a year on food and grooming. That’s although not a lot of money, still you need to make sure you have the amount to be able to take care of him.

You and your family should often interact with the new puppy so that he is socialized. Choosing a good breeder is also a major issue. Ask appropriate questions to your breeder to make sure he is maintaining the standard breeding procedures.

So why not bring a German shepherd puppy home? He will cutify your little family!

There are different types of German Shepherd dogs. So you need to take that into consideration as well. Although all of the variations are equally smart and courageous, their uses are just different. As a puppy, you can get any German Shepherd you want.

What is it like to live with a German Shepherd?

Before you bring in a new family member like a GSD, you should be careful to choose a good breeder. When bred poorly, these dogs can be nervous and not suitable to keep in the family.

If you bring one home, you will get a best friend for life. Even better than a human best friend in many cases. He will protect you and your family members with his life.

Make sure he remains active and is provided adequate exercise. If he is confined in a kennel or left alone with other dogs, he may become nervous or aggressive.

German shepherd dogs can shed heavily occasionally. So, you need to take care of that by brushing his coat twice a week.

As I say again and again German Shepherds are the best dogs to live with. Their stories of loyalty and courage can be heard often.

When you hear a dog saving his owner at the expense of his own life, this sure acts as a great motivation. Isn’t it?

4 amazing facts about German Shepherd dogs.

Heroism is their true nature

German Shepherd dogs are famous for their protecting behavior like taking bullets for their owners and saving children from drowning.

Even their courage is incomparable. The story of the dog named Haus comes to my mind every time I hear about German Shepherds. When a rattlesnake was about to bite a 7-year-old girl Molly, Haus put himself in danger to save her life. He got beaten 3 times and yet survived as a true hero does.

There is a sport called Schutzhund.

This sport was developed in the early 1900s and is designed in a way so that the natural instincts of the dogs can be tested. The unstable and weaker ones are weeded out with this sport.

Flax- the dog who saved 54 lives

The flax of Lewan no was honored in 1917 in Westminster. And what made them honor a dog? It’s because this dog alone brought 54 wounded soldiers to safety during World War I.

There are 11 colors of German Shepherds

If you know that German shepherd dogs come only in black and tan, you are wrong. Black and silver, black and red, bi-color, etc. are also quite common colors for them.

A final word…

We hope you have got more than enough insight into a German Shepherd dog. If you are on the verge of adopting one, then don’t hesitate. If you love animals, they will always love you back.

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