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Things That Make You Love And Hate What Is Pit Bull?

Love And Hate What Is Pit Bull
Love And Hate What Is Pit Bull. Image Source Pixabay.

Pit Bulls are square-headed, having a short muzzle length and muscular dogs. Although many confuse them as a specific breed generally it’s a type of dog that consists of many different breeds.

Whether it’s a Bulldog, Bull Terrier or American Stafford-shire Terriers all are identified as Pit Bulls because of their distinct looks.

The Evolution of the Pit Bull from being a favorite blood-sport animal to being favorite human companions is a true sign of their adapting nature.

Let’s get to know about this dog breed in more detail!

Pit Bull Breed information.

Breed name type: Pit Bull.

Breed Group: Terriers and Bull type dogs.

Terriers include American Stafford-shire Terriers, Bull terriers, American Pit Bull terriers.

Breed Color: Includes various color combinations like black, pure white with red, copper or gray markings.

Height range: 45.72 to 48.26 cm.

Weight range: 14 to 36 kg.

Life expectancy: 8 to 15 years.

Breed characteristics:

Loneliness toleranceAdaptabilityFriendliness with people
Novice owner compatibilityHot weather toleranceKid friendliness
Cold weather toleranceGroomingExercise requirement
Friendliness with other dogsPrey driveEnergy level
Tendency to droolBarking tendency Trainability

How can you identify Pit Bulls?

These dogs are not hard to identify. Their body proportion of weight and height is balanced. Some of these physical traits will help you to differentiate Pit Bulls from other dogs.

  • Body structure- Pit Bull’s body resembles power and strength. One good way to identify is by their head and neck structure. They have a brick-like head with muscular necks.
  • Ears- Their ears are either cropped or curled down.
  • Tails- They have thin tails that are long and pointy.
  • Eyes- Pit bulls might also have blue eyes.
  • Coat- They have short but thick hair, in most cases shiny. Their nose color often matches the color of their coat.

How Pit Bulldogs evolved?

Pit Bulls have a long history that originates mainly from violent use by their owners. One of the theories suggests, Pit Bulls were first used by Greeks and then spread into Rome where they were used as war dogs.

The modern Pit Bull evolved when these dogs spread across Europe and America.

The blood sports like bull baiting, rat baiting, and dog fighting are also part of their breeding history. Pit Bulls were originally bred for fighting with bulls in Britain and later on English immigrants into America started the dog-fighting trend.

It was one of the most popular underground sport until the government banned it totally. Over the years, the breed went from being killers to nanny dogs.

Personality and character of Pit Bulls.

People have bred Pit Bulls mainly because of their desire to please their owners. Mixing with other terriers of high intelligence, these dogs became smart and equally loyal.

]Their courage and might have often been used for negative activities. But that makes a good combination for being a guard dog.

Pit Bulls score high in temperament, but things can even go wrong if their owners let them sit idle. They are working dogs, and as long as you can keep them busy with a purpose, they will remain calm.

These dogs are too much attached to the owner and his family. As a result, they always want attention. They have an excellent reputation for being child-friendly.

These are stories that go way back into the 90s when owners kept their children along with Pit Bulls.

Some of these stories might be true. Because there are tons of vintage pictures illustrating such scenes. Pit Bulls were once known as nanny dogs- whether it’s a myth or truth it’s up to you to decide.

Are they aggressive?

Many dogs are friendly with other dogs and need time to get attached to human beings. But with Pit Bulls, the case is otherwise.

Their inability to stay alone for a long period is often the reason for their aggressiveness. Though genetically they don’t have this trait, owners who neglect them can surely see their negative side.

A left alone Pit Bull is very dangerous, and there are numerous occasions where stray Pit Bulldogs have bitten people.

They have a strong jaw, although that has nothing to do with biting. They love chewing, and so you should give them plenty of big toys to keep this habit in control.

With good training, Pit bulls cannot be termed as aggressive.

There are tons of reasons testifying the fact that Pit Bulls are good dogs. They are one of the most loyal dogs out there and on many occasions, they saved the lives of their owners. Their ultimate love for their human owners and given the fact they need less grooming, they are a great choice for house pets

How to groom them?

Pit Bulls can often be the best dogs for lazy owners. Because they don’t need a lot of grooming compared to other dog breeds.

They shed moderately, so brushing them once or twice a week will be sufficient.

For avoiding bad breath and dental issues, you should brush their teeth 2-3 times a week. Though daily brushing can be even better.

As long as their nails don’t clip the floor, you don’t have to worry trimming them. But 2-3 times a month is enough.

Keep their outer ear clean as infections may develop from dirt.  It’s important to get them used to the grooming process from an early age so that they don’t feel irritated. You can also treat or reward them with tasty foods or interesting activities.

Pit Bull Eating Habits
Pit Bulls have a sensitive digestive system. That’s the reason you should look for only the best Pit Bulldog foods that give them enough protein along with nutrients. Wheat and corn ingredients should be avoided. Other than that any food that has meat as its main ingredient should do a good job.

Pit Bull Health issues

Pit Bulls are generally healthy dogs. But in most cases they undergo following health issues:

Hip Dyspepsia

It’s a hip joint malformation. Must be checked early in their life to offer better treatment.


This is an issue related to thyroid gland dysfunction and can lead to problems in reproduction, fattening and poor coat condition.

Heart Disease

Dogs that have heart disease might even be born with it. So, get them checked if they have a congenital heart defect.


Pit Bulldogs might get allergy through inhalation. This can be dust and or any mites that end they inhale. Certain foods can also cause itchiness like wheat, corn, pork, soy, and eggs. Even fleas can cause allergic reactions in them.

Pit Bull’s facts you should know.

  • Pit Bulls are not for busy dog owners who let them remain alone.
  • Proper training at an early age would ensure their calmness and loyalty.
  • They should be trained well to let them know who the leader of the pack is, which is you!
  • Keep them away from other dogs. Pit Bulls are not good with other dogs and might end up hurting them.
  • Novice owners should never get Pit Bulls as they can’t handle the dogs’ needs. Might even end up hurting himself in the process of training.

Pit Bulls are super friendly and attached dogs. They demand time and attention from you. If you feed them enough with love, support, and meaningful work, they will live with loyalty forever.

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