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Why you should use dog shampoo- 6 Solid reasons.

Why you should use dog shampoo
Why you should use dog shampoo. Image Source Pixabay

Why use a dog shampoo?

Simple! To keep them clean and healthy!

You might still use human shampoos on your dogs, but this will be a waste of your efforts as dogs have different skin conditions. And only dog shampoos will give the best results!

If you are still not in favor of using your own shampoos, these 6 reasons might motivate you to buy a dog shampoo soon.

To get rid of germs and insects.

Dog skins are breeding habitats for many germs and insects! And it’s hard to get them out from underneath their thick fur by just simply washing with water or other substances.

Dog shampoos are specially made to effectively wipe out ticks and fleas. Regular use of dog shampoo will minimize the production of their eggs and hence save your dog from the attack of severe allergies.

Maintain hygiene and skin health.

Animal hygiene is very important if you want your pet to live a healthy life forever. Dogs need more time outside to play and exercise. So chances of bringing germs and dust to your home are more.

Dog shampoos do a great job of maintaining their hygiene.

What’s more? Dog shampoos moisturize your pet’s coat and keep it shiny and soft!

Removes bad odor.

I come across many dog owners now and then complaining about their dog’s smell.

For dog owners who don’t sleep with their dogs or keep them outside, this shouldn’t be an issue. But for those who love to cuddle and keep their pets closer, you definitely need a solution.

Most dog shampoos come with added fragrances of lavender, orange, lemon, etc. This should help make your dog fresh and irresistible to stay away.

Different types of dog shampoos suit different dogs.

I have known many dog owners who used baby shampoos for cleaning their dogs. Though it seems like a good idea as baby shampoos are mild.

But different dogs need different sorts of shampoos. And only dog shampoos have those variations to meet your pet’s needs.

Your pet might have itching, bad smell, allergy or rashes. You need to find the right dog shampoo suited for these conditions. Baby shampoos compared to dog shampoos are just one dimensional.

Keeps you healthy.

Dog hairs contain many allergens that might make you sick if you have allergies or asthma.

Studies have found that almost 30% of people in the United States with allergies have allergic reactions to dogs or cats.

So you want to keep yourself safe as much as possible. But you can’t compromise with your pet either. Good organic dog shampoos will minimize the chances of such allergic reactions and keep your children safe.

Maintains the PH level of their skin.

Dog skin has a slightly alkaline PH level (7.4 PH) which means just another shampoo will not work and even cause rashes.

Dog shampoos are designed to maintain this PH level and at the same time promote proper cleaning.





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